Telluride made its mark on the map because of the amazing ski terrain. Many perceived this as an expert ski area, but with all the new improvements over the years, we really do have terrain for anybody. While the skiing is superb, the summers are beckoning you to get here! Many of us came for the winters, but the summers kept us here!
After taking a quick poll of the staff here at Accommodations in Telluride, here is our list of our top 5 reasons to be in Telluride in the Summer:

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1. Festivals, Duh! Our outdoor music Festivals are by far the most iconic summer events. Join us for one of the many festivals and see for yourself. The memories last forever. Unless you are at the Grand Beer Tasting Saturday of Blues and Brews. And then you might forget a few memories. Telluride Summer Festivals.

2. Hiking. Yes, we are at nosebleed altitude but after a day or two, most sea level dwellers are able to take in some of the most incredible vistas up and out of the Telluride Valley. Bring lots of water. Strap a backpack to your dog for extra water. Drink lots of water before you go. Do you sense the importance of hydration yet?

3. 4 x 4 Jeep Tours. Getting the begazes scared out of you on some of the mountain passes can make for a thrill you will never forget. Experienced tour guides can take you, or you can brave it in a jeep rental. Either way, you are in for a ride.

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4. Wildflowers. You will think you have died and gone to floral heaven in the high alpine hikes. Lupines, Columbines, Bluebells, Indian Paintbrush of all colors, Monkshoods, Fairy Trumpets, and the ever-elusive Monument Plant will fill your sights with beauty at ground level. Then look up! Wow! There you are in paradise.

5. Because Telluride is just cool. Cool vibes, cool locals, and it really is cooler than where you are in the heat. Feel the natural breezes of our high mountain climate. No dripping wet from humidity here! And if it is a bit hotter than you wanted? Go jump in the lake, or the river. Chill out. You are here, the most scenic place in Colorado! Oh, what the heck, on the planet!