The holiday period is the most interesting and wonderful time of the year. During this period, we connect with our loved ones and spread the jolly spirit. While all these things make this holiday one to look forward to, nothing comes close to enjoying this fun in Telluride, where alpine skiing combines with the Yuletide spirit to offer an unmatched getaway. This vacation destination packs unbridled wonder in all its facets, from Victorian-style architecture to its rolling mountainous backdrop. A visit to this San Miguel County municipality exposes you and your loved ones to a period of awe-inspiring activities. Here are the top reasons you need to consider booking your holidays getaway to Telluride. 

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Telluride has a myriad of events lined up to engage visitors and locals alike. These events primarily feature a Christmas theme, with the majority emphasizing familial connections where every family member fully engages with the other in the events. One of these celebrations that also kicks off relatively early is the Holiday Arts Bazaar, a holiday tradition that has been around for over four decades.  

This three-day event, hosted by Telluride Arts, takes place in the heart of Telluride. It showcases handmade artisanal objects from artists across Colorado. You can visit and purchase these artisanal goods, including crystal rings, clothing, ceramics, and much more. Before visiting, it’s advisable to check the event’s schedule with Telluride Arts to verse yourself on the line-up of activities. 

Noel Night

Another event that kickstarts the Christmas festivities in Telluride is Noel Night. Locals and tourists gather at Telluride Main Street to mark the beginning of the holiday period with the lighting of the town’s fabled Ski Tree, an extraordinary Christmas tree made from skis. Besides the lighting, revelers can also enjoy last-minute shopping at local retail shops that set the main street abuzz with activities. The retailers running the shops offer amazing discount deals that’ll go a long way in helping you save during the holiday. 

Apart from shopping and the dazzling Christmas tree, the event features fantastic food, including snacks and appetizers served by merchants. On top of the scintillating snacks, the event also serenades you with melodies from the Telluride Choral Society, ultimately raising your holiday gusto. The kids are also not left behind, as Santa traverses around the area by providing sessions at the firetruck, US Bank, Alpine Bank, and Telluride Trappings & Toggery, where children get to perch on Santa’s lap and interact with him. 

Mountain Village Holiday Prelude

One of the unique sightings of Telluride during the Christmas period is the emergence of the North Pole. This fascinating feature stems from the transformation of Mountain Village, a modern resort village not far from Telluride. If you’re visiting Telluride with children, it’s worth including this interesting part of the town’s Christmas tradition on your list of things to do. Kids will enjoy various activities, including ice skating, train rides, sitting with Santa, and holiday surprises. 

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Besides having amazing things for children to engage in, the event also features merchants who sell goods at great discounts. You can let the kids enjoy the impressive decorations as they take Polar Express, a ride to the North Pole through the Gondola. While the kids partake in these activities that are all free of charge, you can explore the shopping hub for a crunch-time holiday shopping session. 

Christmas at the Schmid Ranch

About 10 miles west of Telluride on Wilson Mesa lies a centennial farm known as Schmid Ranch. Like the area’s Victorian-era architecture or the town’s mining background, Schmid Ranch significantly highlights Telluride’s heritage, making it a historical landmark. To ensure that the ranch’s historical prominence remains relevant, the owners liaised with Telluride Historical Museum to host an Olde Christmas featuring activities like wreath making, sleigh rides, crafts, ornament decorating, and a visit from Santa. 

Since it features the ever-jolly Saint Nicholas, this event is family-friendly and free. The only exception when it comes to payment is sleigh rides offered at affordable costs. Therefore, tag your family and scour through the ranch partaking in the activities offered, ending your day by singing carols while roasting marshmallows. 

The Torchlight Parade

Parades are part and parcel of most American holidays, and Christmas is no exception in most parts of the country. One of these parts that incorporate a Christmas parade is Telluride. However, this parade is not your ordinary as it features a dazzling display of gorgeous lights streaming down the mountain. The display emanates from Telluride Resort employees skiing down the mountain’s slopes holding torches. You can bring your loved ones for a memorable event and perfect spots for photo ops. Besides that, you can look out for Santa and his elves as he often graces the event too. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

Telluride is synonymous with alpine skiing, a fact that comes as no surprise since one of its main features is its inclusive ski terrain. The terrain guarantees plenty of black, green, and blue, making it suitable for all ski enthusiasts. You can ski the mountain, which is easy to navigate, and enjoy the wealth of ski runs dispersed perfectly for all adventurers. If you’re with your loved ones, you can also tag them along to engage in this prominent outdoor activity in Telluride. 

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