With the chaos of the modern world and the struggles of parenting, you can easily forget about your love life. The romance that existed during your dating days is no longer there. However, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to redeem yourself. Chocolates, gifts, and love cards are important, but you could do something better. A trip to Telluride is up for grabs. With its chilled weather, incredible downtown, and multiple activities to explore, the region makes a good choice for this year’s Valentine’s. Here’s what to expect from Valentine’s getaway to Telluride.  

Valentine’s Getaway to Telluride

Telluride is a nature lover’s paradise for several reasons. First, it is home to multiple forested mountains that breathe fresh air. One of the best ways to explore all that this region has to offer is by snowshoeing. Whether you decide to stroll around downtown or go up the mountains, you can be sure of an entertaining day out there. Going up these mountains with your partner by your side means you have the right support system you would need to overcome your fears. Enjoying the snowy surroundings completes the whole experience.  

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A Gondola Ride Works Wonders

While snowshoeing is good for your Telluride adventure, it gets to a point where your body can’t take the activity anymore. It is at this point that the Telluride Gondola ride comes in handy. This ride helps you ascend the mountains systematically without breaking a sweat. The views from up there are worth it all for a Valentine’s Day adventure. The journey to the top has an elevation gain of above 10,000 feet, which comes with a chance to explore the beautiful sceneries up there.   

Spend a Day in the Hot Springs

With Colorado’s unrelenting winter, it can sometimes get too cold for you to explore the outdoors comfortably. Even then, there is at least one more activity to keep you moving as a couple. A spa day in the hot springs is something you need to consider for your Telluride adventure. Apart from keeping your body warm, it is a good way to rejuvenate and keep fresh. Instead of spending a fortune in the spa, this technique is just as effective. Taking a dip in the natural springs also opens your pores, leading to glowing skin. While the closest one is a bit of a drive it is well worth it! Head to Ridgeway and experience the Orvis Hot Springs. 

Attend a Skiing Class Together

Any day is a skiing day in Colorado. If you have never been to a ski resort before, this year’s Valentine’s Day escape presents the best opportunity to have a feel of this wonderful sport. Skiing classes are offered all over and the basics are easy to understand. It won’t take long before you and your partner are sliding down the slopes like professionals. Make your reservations soon! 

Spoil Each Other with Gifts

Although love reigns every day, Valentine’s presents the best day for you to show it more to your partner. Booking a vacation far away from home alone isn’t enough for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Buying gifts for one another complete the missing part. The gifts this time around go beyond the usual flowers and cards. Downtown Telluride is lined with multiple high-end boutiques and luxury shopping avenues where you can get a befitting gift for your partner. Whether it is jewelry, designer clothes, or perfume, make your partner feel appreciated.  

Book a Diner Date

Beyond the gondola rides and skiing, there is something more engaging you can do to add a little taste to your Telluride Valentine’s experience. Valentine’s diner in Telluride is more than just the food. Live musical events and photo sessions are all part of the plan. The area is served by multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global delicacies. If you don’t mind a noisy environment for this special day, downtown is best suited for you. For people who like a laidback kind of lifestyle away from the chaos of everyday life, resorts in the rugged forested area will do. Whether you fancy something simple like a mug of coffee or more complex exotic dishes, the area has it all. Most Valentine’s Day celebrations are paired with a glass of wine. Sip your favorite drinks as you dance the night away with your partner. Make your dining reservations now! 

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Where to Stay in Telluride

Vacationing in Telluride gives you the perfect chance to spoil your romantic partner. If you are looking for a place to call home as you celebrate Valentine’s, Accommodations in Telluride has you covered. Do you want it downtown or up there in the Mountain Village? Our wide portfolio of properties allows you to choose what works best for your case. Our professional team engages you throughout your stay with suggestions on the best things to explore in the area. Contact us today for more information.