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Give yourself a break…..

Whether you are managing your own property or you just bought a second home, become a part of the Telluride community and place your property in our rental program. Sometimes managing your own property can be rewarding and sometimes, well….it isn’t. Free up your valuable time by turning the management duties over to a local professional friendly team!

Accommodations in Telluride has been in business since 1997, and the same locals have owned the company since 2004. When we enter into an agreement with a property owner, we emphasize that you as an owner always have access to one of us at all times and generally it is me, the owner. We are a small company making us accountable to you and the guests at all times. Accommodations in Telluride has a staff comprised of long time knowledgeable locals.

What can we do for you? Maximize income for your investment? Pick and choose guests for just the higher rate seasons? Make sure your investment is always in tip top condition to preserve value? How can we customize your property listing to your wishes? Being a small company means we are much more nimble and flexible for your needs.

And the guest side, where the revenue is generated….we are very proactive with guests, making their experience getting to Telluride effortless. They are on vacation! We make sure they have all the information and services needed. Having long time locals caring for the guests also means they will hear the insider Telluride scoop. Best fishing spots? A few of our powder stashes (hey, even we won’t give it all away!)? How to navigate the festivals? Need a babysitter? The wealth of local knowledge we have makes the guest feel like a local, having a local experience. After all, the new traveler wants an experience to tell all of his/her buddies. We deliver. And our great guest care means repeat business. We check every system and detail of your home for the guests, meaning your property is well maintained and equipped, boosting your investment dollars.

Our reports for owners are timely and user friendly. If you are curious about the income potential, we would be happy to provide you with a Pro Forma for your new home, just ask. We have a many condos and homes in the Town of Telluride, Mountain Village and the surrounding area that do very well for the owners.

Please call me (970-728-4831) or email me at to set up a time to discuss our rental management program further. We are in the enviable position where we have more guest inquiries than we can fill. We are actively seeking more properties and would love to see your beautiful home in our property offerings!

Really, give yourself a break!

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