Telluride is known for its winter excitement as people from all over the world flock to play on our slopes and experience the cool beauty of the Colorado landscape covered in snow, but we aren’t just a one season vacation destination. In the spring, the promise of nature shines through in the budding trees, the flowers pushing their way through fertile soil, and the warmer temperatures lead us to the doorstep of summer, when hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are popular things to do in Telluride in the fall. Fall holds a spot in our hearts, as the weather cools, the trees turn to shades of gold, and if you find us indoors, well, it must be late at night, because we can’t help but spend all our free time enjoying the beauty of the great Telluride outdoors! This guide to the good times you can have during your unforgettable visit to Colorado and your stay in our Lodging In Telluride seasonal sanctuaries will ensure that every minute of your getaway will be the best ones you have had in a very long time.

The Telluride Gondola

You will notice that the Gondola is not just a way of transportation; it is also the perfect way to experience a hint of the beauty of the Colorado landscape. Closing in October, but re-opening around Thanksgiving for the ski season and costing absolutely nothing to ride, it takes approximately 13 minutes to complete your “tour.” As you sit in the glass car, you can’t help but twist, turn, and snap pictures as you try to take in every angle of the scene unfolding around you! The mountains standing guard may already be snowcapped, and the valley below you will look as if it is on fire, alight with the colors of the trees dressed in their most colorful autumn “gear.” On cloudy days you may feel as if you can actually touch the clouds, and the views may be limited, but the joy you feel when the sun breaks through those clouds will be limitless! This is definitely one of the best things to do in Telluride in the fall!

Telluride Brewing Company, 156 Society Drive

The flavors of fall are our second favorite part of the season, and although pumpkin spice coffee is a top contender for best taste, a pumpkin porter always wins in the end! Telluride Brewing Company is known for its craft beers, adding new ones with the change of the season, and even if pumpkin porter isn’t on the menu, there is sure to be a fall flavored brew you will fall in love with! As we write this right now, the summer flavors are on tap, but their Face Down Brown, an American Brown Ale with 5.7 % ABV, is definitely looking promising for the cooler months!

Take a Hike

As we discussed earlier, fall is definitely a season we all want to be outside experiencing, and the simplest way to do so is by taking a hike. The trails that run through the region are numerous and can be difficult, such as the 2.5-mile hike up to Ajax Peak, (and another 2.5 miles back down) the more moderate hike to Bridal Veil Falls—this one is 2.2 miles one way, has a lower elevation, and ends with the breathtaking sight of the falls—or the easier hike through Bear Creek Canyon. It doesn’t matter which hike you take, however, as you will still be amazed at the idyllic landscape that surrounds you!

Telluride Autumn Classic (Cars & Colors), September 23 – 26

As the pandemic continues to waylay long made plans, the local festivals and events are slowly starting to make a comeback, much to our relief, and the Telluride Autumn Classic is one of those fall events making its presence known. Offering an incredible opportunity for celebrating all forms of transportation, including cars, motorcycles, and aircraft, this show is a favorite of everyone who comes to play. Featuring cars, motorcycles, and planes that are old, new, vintage, and restored, you will enjoy the contrast between high-tech vehicles with speedy engines and vibrant paint jobs and the natural beauty of the golf course on which most of the festival is held as you listen to live music, sample a taste of the town, and sip your new favorite wines. Tickets can be purchased for the entire event, or for as many days as you want to attend and come in VIP versions and general admission. Depending on which ticket you purchase, events can include a poker walk, admission to the closing Alpenglow celebration (hot air balloons that glow in the night sky!), photo contests, and so much more!

Play at Home

Simple moments can make all the difference, so why not stay home and play in your Lodging in Telluride fall escape? Sit by a roaring fire on a chilly fall day, sip Irish coffee on the balcony at sunset, and soak in hot tubs under the stars. All of these quiet moments can be experienced when you choose Lodging in Telluride. Reserve your favorite property and contact us today!