Telluride is one of Colorado’s top destinations for adventure. The town’s unique architecture, fascinating history, and scenic mountainous landscape make it an adventure paradise. Amidst this thrill-filled atmosphere is 131 Nimbus, an exquisite 2-bedroom, 2-bath Telluride vacation condo rental. This striking condominium relays luxury and coziness amid remarkable woody vegetation and peaks as its backdrop. Apart from uniqueness, the vacation rental features multiple excellent amenities that enhance comfort and convenience. You can rest assured that staying in this impressive vacation abode will make your vacation experience memorable. Here’s why you should book this striking condominium. 

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Property Walkthrough: 131 Nimbus

131 Nimbus exudes style in the interior as much as the exterior. The condo features two levels, with the living room and kitchen occupying the upper level. Its living room packs simplicity and luxury, bundling the aspects to create a beautiful space. Large windows provide unmatched views of the majestic natural features in the distance. You can enjoy the views of the iconic end of Telluride Valley and Sunshine Peak in the comfort of this living room. While still on comfort, the area also features dark grey plush sofas with throw pillows. You can lounge in this area, enjoying a cup of coffee and views of Telluride’s mountainous landscape. 

The living room area also incorporates excellent ventilation and lighting. The lighting balance makes up for a pleasant stay through the beamed ceiling with ceiling spotlights. The wooden flooring also improves comfort as it’s comfortable to use any time of the year. 

Since 131 Nimbus applies an open floor plan in its design, the kitchen area is close to the living room. Like in the living room, amazing views of the striking Telluride abound in this space too. In a nutshell, the relaxing and luxurious mood set by the living room’s décor infectiously spreads into this area. Besides, lying upstairs, the level with a vantage point in the condo, the kitchen consists of maple wood cabinets that blend with the cookware and kitchenette’s interior design.  

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The conducive setup, excellent furnishings, and reliable cookware make cooking in this kitchenette a fun experience. You can bake using the conventional oven and enjoy it on the granite countertop with your loved ones. The kitchen also features a dishwasher, further making your work easier. Such a kitchenette lets you relish family time even while on vacation, meaning a home-cooked dinner is a possibility while on vacation in Telluride. 

The downstairs of this condo also claims a significant share of comfort and luxury. This part of the house houses two bedrooms capable of hosting up to six guests. The first bedroom features a king-size bed and a trundle. The beds have plush linen and sit idyllically close to the windows. You can rest in this bed enjoying the impressive mountain village and Telluride views. The other bedroom has a queen bed which also features comfy linen to ensure that your nights in Telluride are sound. 

The beds are just some of the things that make the bedrooms stand out. Other aspects, such as the large windows, art pieces, and a beamed ceiling, make these rooms perfect for a day’s rest. You can freely explore the exciting Telluride terrain and look forward to an earned rest in one of these rooms. The bedrooms also share a full bath, one of the two baths in the condo. The other bath is upstairs with a sink and a toilet. 

The Exterior

131 Nimbus majestically stands on a raised ground, surrounded by vegetation that stretches across Telluride’s terrain. As you make your way to this striking abode, you’ll notice that its design doesn’t wander far from the architectural brilliance employed in Telluride. First, its off-street parking means you can drive over without worrying about where to park your car. Secondly, its rustic design, bloated with windows, give out a perfect blend with the surrounding. From an outdoor perspective, 131 Nimbus exemplifies luxury and comfort in the woods. 

The condo’s vantage point is upstairs, where a deck full of deck chairs and a BBQ grill make up the main highlights. You can gather with your loved ones for a fantastic grilling session while enjoying the views popping from a distance. These vistas are even more impressive during autumn when the trees bloom into colorful fields of woody flora. The condo is also pet-friendly, with a minimum of one pet per visit allowed. Therefore, you can tag your furry friend for an unmatched vacation in this Colorado gem. 

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Telluride is many things, and a fun-filled place is one of these things. This Colorado gem features an array of natural attractions that host numerous spots perfect for a fun-filled adventure. You can visit this former mining town to enjoy this fun and end your vacation days by relaxing at the luxurious 131 Nimbus. If you’re after such an experience, reach out to us to book your stay at 131 Nimbus.