We’re fully aware that Telluride, Colorado, is best known for its glorious, world-class alpine ski slopes. There’s something truly uplifting about boasting one of the American West’s most desirable four-season destinations. However, you might be surprised to discover that summer in Telluride, Colorado, is perhaps our favorite season. Obviously, the loss of snow puts a dent in skiing and snowboarding tourism. But there’s a seemingly endless mountain range just aching to be explored following spring’s gradual thaw, including hiking, paddleboarding, and fly fishing. Oh, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the temperatures typically rest in the ideal mid-70s, even during summer’s peak.

Let Accommodations in Telluride be your summertime guide to all things adventurous. Most mountain lodge adventures in the region start and finish inside one of our luxurious yet affordable homes, condos, or ranches.

A Comprehensive Guide to Summer in Telluride, Colorado

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of spending a summer in Telluride, Colorado, is the fact that adventurers, thrill-seekers, and casual tourists aren’t bound by snow. Whether your midsummer craft of choice is a mountain bike, horse, or ATV, you’ll quickly come to understand the genuinely awe-inspiring allure of San Miguel County’s sprawling beauty. Without further ado, here are 15 unique reasons to visit us this summer in Telluride, Colorado.

Photo of a Man Fly Fishing in Summer in Telluride, Colorado.

  1. Embark on a self-guided journey along the prettiest hiking trails near Telluride, Colorado.
  2. Ride through the rugged backcountry with Roudy Roudebush, the charismatic owner and operator of Telluride Horseback Adventures.
  3. Hook a trophy trout in the dense backcountry on a guided excursion through Telluride Fly Fishers, an Orvis-endorsed outfit.
  4. Amble out onto the center of Priest Lake, Trout Lake, or Alta Lakes on your sturdy paddleboard.
  5. Rumble down the San Miguel River on a half-day whitewater expedition through Telluride Outside.
  6. Shred down some of the gnarliest singletrack in the state at the Mountain Village Bike Park.
  7. Grip your trusty pair of binoculars, read up about the region’s native birds, and embark on a relaxing, utterly beautiful birding expedition.
  8. Try geocaching with nothing but your GPS, a backpack filled with essentials, and a healthy dose of wild intuition.
  9. Spend an entire morning forest bathing amid Colorado’s lush forestry, with only the soothing sounds of nature’s call as your guide.
  10. Carve through seemingly endless backcountry acreage on a world-class Polaris RZR tour, led by the good folks at Telluride Outfitters.
  11. Play 18 holes of championship golf with the snow-capped San Juan Mountains as your backdrop.
  12. Sip on a diverse array of craft ales brewed by some of the region’s most talented artisans.
  13. Master rock climbing with the help of the talented gang at San Juan Outdoor Adventures.
  14. Plan a picnic in Town Park (or at another isolated locale during one of the previous 13 expeditions).
  15. Bask in the elegance and modern convenience of your luxury home, the perfect place to cap off each full day of San Juan Mountain exploration.

Spacious Vacation Rentals in Telluride, Colorado

Photo of a Gorgeous Vacation at the End of Summer in Telluride, Colorado.Let Accommodations in Telluride be your summertime hub for adventure, exploration, and relaxation by choosing one of our many luxury rentals. Not only are all of our vacation rentals within minutes of the area’s most enticing attractions, but you’ll also likely be steps from downtown’s sleek barscraft breweries, and upscale restaurants. After each full day of mountain lodge adventures, share stories around your crackling fireplace, soak in the outdoor hot tub with a glass of wine, and shoot some pool. Please give us a call today at 970-728-4831 to learn more about our remote haven (or book directly online).