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With the chaos of the modern world and the struggles of parenting, you can easily forget about your love life. The romance that existed during your dating days is no longer there. However, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to redeem yourself. Chocolates, gifts, and love cards are important, but you could do something better. A trip to Telluride is up for grabs. With its chilled weather, incredible downtown, and multiple activities to explore, the region makes a good choice for this year’s Valentine’s. Here’s what to expect from Valentine’s getaway to Telluride.  

Valentine’s Getaway to Telluride

Telluride is a nature lover’s paradise for several reasons. First, it is home to multiple forested mountains that breathe fresh air. One of the best ways to explore all that this region has to offer is by snowshoeing. Whether you decide to stroll around downtown or go up the mountains, you can be sure of an entertaining day out there. Going up these mountains with your partner by your side means you have the right support system you would need to overcome your fears. Enjoying the snowy surroundings completes the whole experience.  

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A Gondola Ride Works Wonders

While snowshoeing is good for your Telluride adventure, it gets to a point where your body can’t take the activity anymore. It is at this point that the Telluride Gondola ride comes in handy. This ride helps you ascend the mountains systematically without breaking a sweat. The views from up there are worth it all for a Valentine’s Day adventure. The journey to the top has an elevation gain of above 10,000 feet, which comes with a chance to explore the beautiful sceneries up there.   

Spend a Day in the Hot Springs

With Colorado’s unrelenting winter, it can sometimes get too cold for you to explore the outdoors comfortably. Even then, there is at least one more activity to keep you moving as a couple. A spa day in the hot springs is something you need to consider for your Telluride adventure. Apart from keeping your body warm, it is a good way to rejuvenate and keep fresh. Instead of spending a fortune in the spa, this technique is just as effective. Taking a dip in the natural springs also opens your pores, leading to glowing skin. While the closest one is a bit of a drive it is well worth it! Head to Ridgeway and experience the Orvis Hot Springs. 

Attend a Skiing Class Together

Any day is a skiing day in Colorado. If you have never been to a ski resort before, this year’s Valentine’s Day escape presents the best opportunity to have a feel of this wonderful sport. Skiing classes are offered all over and the basics are easy to understand. It won’t take long before you and your partner are sliding down the slopes like professionals. Make your reservations soon! 

Spoil Each Other with Gifts

Although love reigns every day, Valentine’s presents the best day for you to show it more to your partner. Booking a vacation far away from home alone isn’t enough for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Buying gifts for one another complete the missing part. The gifts this time around go beyond the usual flowers and cards. Downtown Telluride is lined with multiple high-end boutiques and luxury shopping avenues where you can get a befitting gift for your partner. Whether it is jewelry, designer clothes, or perfume, make your partner feel appreciated.  

Book a Diner Date

Beyond the gondola rides and skiing, there is something more engaging you can do to add a little taste to your Telluride Valentine’s experience. Valentine’s diner in Telluride is more than just the food. Live musical events and photo sessions are all part of the plan. The area is served by multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global delicacies. If you don’t mind a noisy environment for this special day, downtown is best suited for you. For people who like a laidback kind of lifestyle away from the chaos of everyday life, resorts in the rugged forested area will do. Whether you fancy something simple like a mug of coffee or more complex exotic dishes, the area has it all. Most Valentine’s Day celebrations are paired with a glass of wine. Sip your favorite drinks as you dance the night away with your partner. Make your dining reservations now! 

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Where to Stay in Telluride

Vacationing in Telluride gives you the perfect chance to spoil your romantic partner. If you are looking for a place to call home as you celebrate Valentine’s, Accommodations in Telluride has you covered. Do you want it downtown or up there in the Mountain Village? Our wide portfolio of properties allows you to choose what works best for your case. Our professional team engages you throughout your stay with suggestions on the best things to explore in the area. Contact us today for more information. 

The holiday period is the most interesting and wonderful time of the year. During this period, we connect with our loved ones and spread the jolly spirit. While all these things make this holiday one to look forward to, nothing comes close to enjoying this fun in Telluride, where alpine skiing combines with the Yuletide spirit to offer an unmatched getaway. This vacation destination packs unbridled wonder in all its facets, from Victorian-style architecture to its rolling mountainous backdrop. A visit to this San Miguel County municipality exposes you and your loved ones to a period of awe-inspiring activities. Here are the top reasons you need to consider booking your holidays getaway to Telluride. 

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Book Your Holidays Getaway to Telluride

Telluride has a myriad of events lined up to engage visitors and locals alike. These events primarily feature a Christmas theme, with the majority emphasizing familial connections where every family member fully engages with the other in the events. One of these celebrations that also kicks off relatively early is the Holiday Arts Bazaar, a holiday tradition that has been around for over four decades.  

This three-day event, hosted by Telluride Arts, takes place in the heart of Telluride. It showcases handmade artisanal objects from artists across Colorado. You can visit and purchase these artisanal goods, including crystal rings, clothing, ceramics, and much more. Before visiting, it’s advisable to check the event’s schedule with Telluride Arts to verse yourself on the line-up of activities. 

Noel Night

Another event that kickstarts the Christmas festivities in Telluride is Noel Night. Locals and tourists gather at Telluride Main Street to mark the beginning of the holiday period with the lighting of the town’s fabled Ski Tree, an extraordinary Christmas tree made from skis. Besides the lighting, revelers can also enjoy last-minute shopping at local retail shops that set the main street abuzz with activities. The retailers running the shops offer amazing discount deals that’ll go a long way in helping you save during the holiday. 

Apart from shopping and the dazzling Christmas tree, the event features fantastic food, including snacks and appetizers served by merchants. On top of the scintillating snacks, the event also serenades you with melodies from the Telluride Choral Society, ultimately raising your holiday gusto. The kids are also not left behind, as Santa traverses around the area by providing sessions at the firetruck, US Bank, Alpine Bank, and Telluride Trappings & Toggery, where children get to perch on Santa’s lap and interact with him. 

Mountain Village Holiday Prelude

One of the unique sightings of Telluride during the Christmas period is the emergence of the North Pole. This fascinating feature stems from the transformation of Mountain Village, a modern resort village not far from Telluride. If you’re visiting Telluride with children, it’s worth including this interesting part of the town’s Christmas tradition on your list of things to do. Kids will enjoy various activities, including ice skating, train rides, sitting with Santa, and holiday surprises. 

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Besides having amazing things for children to engage in, the event also features merchants who sell goods at great discounts. You can let the kids enjoy the impressive decorations as they take Polar Express, a ride to the North Pole through the Gondola. While the kids partake in these activities that are all free of charge, you can explore the shopping hub for a crunch-time holiday shopping session. 

Christmas at the Schmid Ranch

About 10 miles west of Telluride on Wilson Mesa lies a centennial farm known as Schmid Ranch. Like the area’s Victorian-era architecture or the town’s mining background, Schmid Ranch significantly highlights Telluride’s heritage, making it a historical landmark. To ensure that the ranch’s historical prominence remains relevant, the owners liaised with Telluride Historical Museum to host an Olde Christmas featuring activities like wreath making, sleigh rides, crafts, ornament decorating, and a visit from Santa. 

Since it features the ever-jolly Saint Nicholas, this event is family-friendly and free. The only exception when it comes to payment is sleigh rides offered at affordable costs. Therefore, tag your family and scour through the ranch partaking in the activities offered, ending your day by singing carols while roasting marshmallows. 

The Torchlight Parade

Parades are part and parcel of most American holidays, and Christmas is no exception in most parts of the country. One of these parts that incorporate a Christmas parade is Telluride. However, this parade is not your ordinary as it features a dazzling display of gorgeous lights streaming down the mountain. The display emanates from Telluride Resort employees skiing down the mountain’s slopes holding torches. You can bring your loved ones for a memorable event and perfect spots for photo ops. Besides that, you can look out for Santa and his elves as he often graces the event too. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

Telluride is synonymous with alpine skiing, a fact that comes as no surprise since one of its main features is its inclusive ski terrain. The terrain guarantees plenty of black, green, and blue, making it suitable for all ski enthusiasts. You can ski the mountain, which is easy to navigate, and enjoy the wealth of ski runs dispersed perfectly for all adventurers. If you’re with your loved ones, you can also tag them along to engage in this prominent outdoor activity in Telluride. 

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Book Your Stay and Enjoy It to the Fullest

Enjoyment goes hand in hand with comfort, and that’s where our vacation rentals in Telluride come in. Contact us today to book an affordable and comfortable place to stay during your holiday getaway in Telluride. 

While the winter and summer seasons are the prime times here in Telluride all other times of year are a great option too. The Telluride off season continues to offer plenty of exciting activities that will make for a memorable stay. Take a look at some options for you during Telluride’s off-season: 

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What to Do During Telluride’s Off Season

Many locals here in Telluride often depart for the off-season in preparation for a busy winter season. However, that does not mean all local restaurants are closed for the off-season. Many local favorites at The Village will be open during the season. This includes local favorites such as Altezza, Crazy Elk, and Silver Pick Coffee. Many restaurants in Downtown Telluride will also be open. These locations include Caravan, Brown Dog, Cosmopolitan, Esperanza’s Tequila, and High Pie. Some restaurants may have restricted hours or days but you will still be able to enjoy their delicious menus during your off-season stay. 

Outdoor Activities 

During the off-season, local outdoor activities never shut down. This means you can enjoy outdoor adventures with a smaller crowd. Head off into the hills with a 4×4 off-roading adventure. The Arches National Park is just a short drive away and is a Utah favorite. The mountain biking trails will be open; if you don’t have your own bike stop by a rental shop in town to rent one out for the day. See incredible water-based attractions such as Blue Lake and Bridal Veil Falls up close for lovely views. There is no shortage of fun around Telluride. 


The Thanksgiving Holiday marks the end of the off-season and this year Accommodations in Telluride is offering a very special Thanksgiving promotion! When you book three nights you’ll get the fourth night for free! And you’ll also get a free turkey for you to cook in your fully equipped kitchen located inside your private and luxurious vacation rental! Book your vacation rental today using coupon code THANKU22. 

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An off-season adventure in Telluride is actually what you need. Book one of our vacation rentals today for an incredible experience.  

Situated in Southwest Colorado, Telluride is a renowned historic mining town sitting in an impressive box canyon. Enclosed by a forested peak, tourists flock to this charming town to taste its breathtaking panorama and explore its outdoor recreational opportunities like playing disc golf. But are you wondering if Telluride is an excellent place for kids to have a fun-filled Halloween? Well, it boasts as one of Colorado’s best Halloween towns that attract vacationers across the globe. Here are the best activities young travelers can engage in and have a fantastic time. Your kids will have a great Halloween in Telluride.

Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Halloween in Telluride

Are you a history enthusiast or looking for a spooky experience to enjoy with the kids?

Then joining the Lamplight Cemetery Tour is an incredible thing to do here. The magnificent Telluride Historical Museum offers this eerie yet family-friendly activity that explores the exemplary Lone Tree Cemetery. A tour guide comes along to ensure you have a terrific excursion and that all your questions get answered. Amid the expedition, you will listen to the tales of the rugged residents who, throughout the years, lived, worked, and are now buried in this local cemetery that lures sightseers from all walks of life. In addition, you will be able to learn about all the mysterious events that took place throughout Telluride’s past.

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Go Hiking

Hiking is another fabulous way for families with youngsters to connect and experience this enchanting town’s cooler weather and Halloween. Luckily, whether you are a resident or a tourist, you don’t have to go far to find a local trail. The impressive San Miguel River Trail begins at the core of Telluride and offers spectacular scenery. Besides taking in the cool fresh air during the hike, you can capture some family selfies for future recollections. Other trails that provide its guests with outstanding views can be located at Jud Wiebe and Via Ferrata.

Stroll the Main Street

If your family is not into the bizarre Halloween events, taking a stroll on the main street is another great way to spend this favored season in this gorgeous town. Recognized for its cute shops and remarkable sceneries of the Rocky Mountains, you can be sure to have a wonderful time with the little ones. With the main street located in the town’s center, you will find an array of galleries, inviting restaurants, and local shops begging exploration. Whether you buy Halloween souvenirs for your loved ones or want to learn more about this haven’s culture, there is something for everyone. Also, you can take beautiful family photos besides learning about the lively history of this majestic place as you interact with the locals.

Relish a Savory Local Dish

Is your family not into watching horror shows or engaging in bizarre activities and events? Don’t worry. A delicious meal is another great way for your household to enjoy and pass Halloween in this splendid town. From outdoor patios and casual restaurants to hip cafes, just to mention a few, you will find something to cater to your needs. Boasting mouth-watering plates of pasta and steaks to doughnuts, among other delectable meals, Telluride will ensure your bellies are delighted. In addition, this foodie paradise has something even for the pickiest of eaters, so don’t fret if your child is one.

Visit the Telluride Historical Museum

What better time to visit the prominent Telluride Historical Museum than during this spooky season? Whether a history fanatic or just seeking to learn, touring this precious museum is a must. Even better, this activity is relaxing for the entire family and equally informative regardless of age. Formerly a local hospital, this spot is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of past patients who may have met their unlucky ends in this quaint facility. Packed with exciting exhibits, the whole family can have an adventurous time here. You will also walk down the history line and understand this region’s 19th-century mining era and culture.

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Book Your Halloween Getaway in Telluride

Anticipate a family-friendly Halloween when you add Telluride to your itinerary. After a joyous day with the kids, getting a good rest is a must. Reserve a one-of-a-kind stay in any of our luxurious holiday rentals in this adorable town and unwind in style. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodation options.

While it is still the summer season you cannot schedule a vacation getaway too early. It has been a hot year in 2022 so if you are like us you are ready for some cooler temperatures. One of our favorite seasons to get out and explore Telluride is the fall. This time of year allows visitors to explore the many outdoor activities we have to offer. The fall season is also typically a quieter time of year for traveling allowing for less crowded activities. Take a look at some of our favorite Fall Activities in Telluride, Colorado 2022. 

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Fall Activities in Telluride, Colorado 2022

The fall season is a popular time of year for special events to take place in Telluride. This includes a variety of the events listed here: 

Telluride Blues and Brews 

One special occasion is our annual Telluride Blues & Brews event. This fun time is right at the start of the fall season bringing up all kinds of fun. This event is a multistage celebration that showcases a variety of music including blues, rock and roll, funk, indie, and more. The musical performances will also be paired with craft beer from local and national breweries. The Telluride Blues and Brews are not just for adults either; in fact, the kids will have plenty to enjoy including bungee trampolines, parades, bounce houses, and a climbing wall. Activities for all ages will include free yoga sessions in the morning, a 5k fundraiser race, arts and crafts, and plenty of food vendors. Don’t miss out on this incredible time taking place from September 16th through the 18th. 

Telluride Horror Festival 

Further into the fall season is our 13th consecutive Telluride Horror Festival taking place October 13th through the 16th. This exciting festival brings in some of the latest horror films from all over the world for an incredible gathering. Telluride’s unique theaters will be playing this incredible mix of horror, thriller, suspense, and sci-fi films for audiences who love the craft. This year’s lineup has over 20 full feature films and 60 short films. The Telluride Horror Festival is a must-see for all horror enthusiasts with our secluded mountain locale! 

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Check Out the Fall Foliage 

You will also find a variety of incredible fall activities such as leaf-peeping. The local foliage is a deep shade of green throughout the summer season. But as the temperatures begin to drop so do the leaves Check out the changes in colors as the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Visitors can see the best views from the San Juan Skyway as it provides a sweeping view of the San Juan Mountains. Fall colors will start to show up in the trees around mid to late September and will continue for approximately three weeks. If you want to see the leaves from Telluride’s high country, simply book a 4×4 tour with local providers. These tours often go up into Imogene Pass and Tomboy Basin. Visitors can also hit the local hiking trails such as Ridge Trail and Telluride Trail for in-person views.  

Ride the Gondola 

You cannot visit Telluride during the fall and skip on an opportunity to ride up the gondola. This local attraction can be found right in the middle of Downtown Telluride and will take you up on an 8-mile ride that is absolutely free. There is a perfect way to get some incredible views in; take it at sunset for a romantic activity perfect for couples. Once you hop on the gondola you will be taken up to Mountain Village. This area of Telluride features a variety of unique shops and incredible restaurants to try out. You also won’t find any better views so come see why this part of town is our favorite! 

Hiking and Mountain Biking 

Take advantage of the cooler weather and hit the local hiking trails around Telluride. One of our favorites is Hawn Mountain Loop located on the outskirts of Telluride. This 6.9-mile hike starts from downtown Telluride and will take you up to Hawn Mountain Trailhead. The trail takes most individuals approximately 4 hours to complete and will show off beautiful rockwork in the mountains and a handmade rock staircase. This hike is also typically quiet during the fall allowing you to enjoy some privacy during the hike. Also, check out other nearby trails that include Elder Creek Trail Loop and Deep Creek Trail Loop. Most paths can be shared with mountain bikers so make sure to share the trail with everyone around you. 

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Book Today for Telluride 

There is plenty for you to see and do right here in Telluride this fall season. 2022 is shaping up for an incredible fall season full of exciting activities and events. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals today for the best stay in Telluride. Contact us today! 

Now that the summer season is in full swing it is time to look for the perfect vacation getaway. Give yourself some time by exploring the many options you will have right here in Telluride. Our vacation homes in Telluride are the perfect spot to enjoy some wonderful summer activities. One of the best times to visit in summer is near the end of Labor Day weekend. Labor Day 2022 in Telluride has plenty for you to celebrate with right here in the city. Take a look at how to Spend Labor Day 2022 in Telluride:

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Telluride Film Festival

One of the biggest events that takes place in Telluride each year happens to fall on Labor Day weekend. Get ready for an exciting weekend with the Telluride Film Festival that happens every Labor Day weekend. Past years have been virtual events due to the pandemic but returned to an in-person festival experience last year. The 2022 Telluride Film Festival is expected to be at its finest once again with the town tripling in size. Join the thousands of other film buffs as they experience four days of film premiers and guest presentations. The 2022 Telluride Film Festival will feature guest directors with award-winning filmmakers Kantemir Balagov and Kira Kovalenko. Their films have won a collection of awards allowing them to be some of the tops in the field. The Telluride Film Festival provides a variety of passes to purchase depending on what kind of events you would like to take part in. The Cinephile Pass allows you to see classic films that have been restored and select new films. The Festival Pass is the most popular pass for those who want to have unlimited choices for their selection. At this time passes for the 2022 Telluride Film Festival have been sold out however a wait list is available to join. Simply email to inquire further. There are also opportunities to see some free things even if you don’t get a pass.

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Go Hiking

Outside of catching the latest films at the Telluride Film Festival you will also have a variety of summer activities to enjoy during your Labor Day weekend. Telluride offers some of the best ski slopes in the country. During the summer season, the snow has melted away allowing various hiking trails to open up. Perhaps the most famous trail to explore is Bridal Veil Falls. This relatively short trail will take you to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Hike up to mountain vistas with surrounding views of the entire area. Visitors can hike up to Bridal Veil Powerhouse for even better views up top. Bear Creek Trail is another popular trail that will have you walking alongside Bear Creek for beautiful forest views. You will eventually make your way to Bear Creek Falls to top it all off.

Hit the Local Breweries

Colorado is known for having some of the best craft breweries right here in the country. Make sure to cool things off during your Labor Day weekend stay by having a beer or two right in town. Telluride Brewing Company offers plenty of hand-crafted ales from lagers to IPAs. If you are looking for something a little harder make your way to Telluride Distilling Company. This local company offers hand-crafted spirits that can be used to make some delicious cocktails perfect for the warm summer weather. Don’t forget to arrive hungry too as they offer a menu that features a rotating wild game to try out. Come for the drinks and stay for the billiards and dart boards.

Try Some New Restaurants

Telluride is full of a variety of restaurants for you to try out during your Labor Day weekend plans. Fine dining has never tasted quite as good as it does at La Marmotte. This French cuisine restaurant has a creative menu with a romantic ambiance making it the ideal date spot. If you are looking for something the whole family will love, try out Smuggler Union Restaurant and Brewery. It features a gastropub menu complete with comfort food staples such as burgers and wings. Of course, being a brewery, they also offer hand-crafted beers for you to sip on too. Telluride has plenty of restaurants for you in the downtown block so simply take a stroll and see what entices you.

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Find the Perfect Labor Day Vacation Rental

Of course, no Labor Day weekend trip will ever be complete without a vacation rental to keep you comfortable all stay long. We offer various vacation rentals in Telluride. Find a cozy and modern condominium in the downtown area. Or rent a spacious home where everyone in the family can have a room. Each of our vacation rentals offers luxury amenities to keep you comfortable all stay long too. Contact us for your Labor Day fun!

As the winter season continues on you may already be planning ahead for a romantic getaway with a loved one. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and finding the perfect getaway spot can make or break or romantic outing. Let us help you with this endeavor by showing you some of the romantic activities here in Telluride. Our vacation destination is the perfect spot to show your loved one how much you care for them. Each activity will help set your vacation getaway among all of the other possibilities out there. Take a look at some incredible things to do in Colorado for couples here in Telluride:

Ride on the Telluride Gondola

One of the most famous attractions in all of Telluride is the Telluride Gondola located in the downtown neighborhood. Riders will be able to see sweeping views on the gondola as they slowly ascend the mountain. This intimate journey lets you take in the beautiful views from the comfort of an enclosed cabin. You will be able to ride up to San Sophia Station that has an elevation of over 10,000 feet! Best of all, riding the gondola is always free! Once you are up at the top, take some time to explore Mountain Village.

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Walk Around Mountain Village

This charming town features a variety of unique shops and restaurants to check out. Walk around hand in hand with your loved one as you peek inside each special shop. Grab a bite to eat as you gaze out at the incredible views. Allred’s is a great spot and is located at San Sophia Station. Black Iron Kitchen & Bar offers their signature fire tables that sets the mood for a romantic evening. A visit up to Mountain Village is always worth doing when visiting Telluride even during your romantic getaway.

Date Night at Sheridan Opera House

You can plan for a romantic date night with your loved one by stopping in the Sheridan Opera House for one of their many scheduled performances. This local theatre offers a variety of live events throughout the year including but not limited to live music, theatre productions, standup comedy, and so much more. This incredible theatre offers a luxurious setting that is perfect for any romantic outing here in the city.

Check Out the Local Waterfalls

Telluride is surrounded by hundreds of miles of beautiful hiking trails. Take your loved one out on the trails and find one of the many waterfalls in the area. Add a little romance to your hiking by making the trek to Bridal Veil Falls. The famous falls can be found on a 4-mile round-trip hike and offers stunning views that are practically begging to be in your photos.

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Book a Romantic Dinner

Telluride is full of various restaurants that offer an intimate setting and delicious menu for your romantic date night. Find some of the best Italian food in the city at Rustico Ristorante. The rustic setting adds a hint of charm, and the food is prepared fresh daily. You never have had Italian food that was this authentic. Another great restaurant for a romantic dinner is La Marmotte. This fine dining restaurant offers authentic French cuisine and has a wine list that features bottles that can be paired with any entrée. The 19th century cabin setting offers a unique ambience not found anywhere else in Telluride. The menu is served as a three-course prix fixe menu, so make sure to come hungry. Last but not least is 221 South Oak, a New American restaurant that specializes in seasonal cuisine and entrees. You will find plenty of vegetarian friendly options along with an expansive wine list to choose from.

Book Your Romantic Stay in Telluride Today

As you can see, there are plenty of romantic activities waiting for you right here in Telluride. Start planning for your Valentine’s Day or general romantic getaway today. Our smaller vacation rentals offer luxurious amenities and cozy interiors that will keep you comfortable all stay long.

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When it comes to Telluride you can expect a variety of incredible outdoor activities that will make your trip one to remember for years to come. Our Colorado paradise is perfect for someone looking to get away or the outdoor enthusiast looking to push themselves with thrilling activities. Like all other destinations, we cannot control the weather. Telluride sees the occasional rainstorm come through most times of the year that might delay your outdoor activities for a few hours. If that is the case, fret not, as Telluride also has plenty of activities that are perfect for rainy days! Take a look at some popular rainy day activities in Telluride:

Ride the Telluride Mountain Village Gondola

One of the most popular activities in general in Telluride is riding the Mountain Village gondola. This gondola has become a landmark for Telluride since it first opened back in 1996. Visitors can take the 12-minute gondola ride up to the top of Mountain Village. Marvel at the 360 view of the San Juan Mountains that are a beauty to behold even during rainy weather. Your ride up to Mountain Village will take you to an elevation of 10,540 feet above sea level. Regardless of when you visit, the gondola should be up and running, as it is operational approximately 287 days out of the year. Once you are up in Mountain Village, make sure to visit Market Plaza for some fun shopping!

Shop and Dine at Market Plaza

Once you have made the trek up to Mountain Village, make sure to stick around the Market Plaza for lively restaurants and shops. You can dine with a variety of restaurants that are sure to satisfy any craving you have. Allred’s is the flagship restaurant in the plaza and can be found at the peak of the gondola. Expect to find hand crafted cocktails and fine wines on hand to pair with your dinner. For a more casual meal you cannot go wrong with Crazy Elk Pizza and their hand made pizza pies. There are plenty shops offering winter sport gear for your next run down the mountain. Or check out Heritage Apparel for high end clothing for adults and children. You can spend hours in these shops waiting for the rain to clear up in Telluride.

Telluride Historical Museum

Now that you have shopped, it is time to learn more about Telluride’s rich history. You can do that and much more when you stop in the Telluride Historical Museum. This local museum can be found on Fir Street and offers quite a bit of info on Telluride and the surrounding area. Expect to find interactive exhibits, engaging programming, and unique events held throughout the year. Exhibits feature exciting artifacts such as real dinosaur bones, artifacts related to the indigenous roots of the region, and artifacts from the rich mining history that Telluride previously experienced. Interactive maps will help you understand how the area started small and quickly grew over the years to house the many incoming settlers for mining. Guests visiting the Telluride Historical Museum often spend as much as two hours with each visit, giving you plenty of time to ride out the rain. The Telluride Historical Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Attend the Sheridan Opera House

If your rainy day happens to fall on day with a showing at the Sheridan Opera House, you are in for quite the treat. This local opera house is on the list of National Register of Historic Places and is often referred as Telluride’s Living Room. You can find intimate shows inside this 238-seat theatre that also helps with local charities and community endeavors. Sheridan’s Opera House offers a variety of shows throughout the year with tickets available to purchase in advance. The opera house also attends and showcases many different festivals throughout the year. Come check out this historical theatre the next time you find a rainy day in Telluride.

Grab Sweets at Telluride Truffle

There is nothing better than treating your sweet tooth with a nice treat on a rainy day. Telluride Truffle is the city’s top sweets shop and has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Stop in this underground shop for packaged candy, ice cream, and much more. Fudge and other sweets are baked fresh each day and are the perfect gift to take back home to a loved one. Telluride Truffle is open Monday through Thursday from 10:15 AM to 8:00 PM and Friday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Rainy Days Are Still Fun in Telluride

As you can see, you can still have a blast on a rainy day here in Telluride. Book your next vacation rental with us and enjoy an incredible time!

The summer season is finally here, and with it comes plenty of opportunities for you to get out and explore. Our beautiful travel destination hosts a variety of events and activities all summer long. This includes the 4th of July holiday, around which Telluride hosts some exciting events. Although popular 4th of July festivities such as the annual parade, Fireman’s Fourth of July BBQ and the fireworks have unfortunately been canceled, there is still much to enjoy when you plan a visit to Telluride for 4th of July—especially as this year, most travelers will have a three-day weekend! Take a look at all of the fun and excitement you can find when you celebrate 4th of July in Telluride this year:

Telluride Plein Air Festival

There are plenty of exciting events going on around Telluride on the 4th of July. The Sheridan Arts Foundation hosts an incredible Plein Air Festival right here in town. The Telluride Plein Air Festival is scheduled to take place from Jun 28th through July 4th. Approximately 25 renowned artists will be on hand creating their beautiful outdoor artwork. At the conclusion of the festival, the artists’ work will be up for grabs in a three-day-long sale. This is a great way to see unique works of art, especially if you arrive in Telluride a few days before the 4th of July.

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Ride Festival

Another incredible festival taking place around the 4th of July is the annual Ride Festival right here in Telluride. This popular music festival has been taking place in Telluride since 2012 and has drawn in thousands of music fans each year. The selection of rock and roll music is specifically curated to highlight local and state level talent. This year’s lineup of music artists includes Black Pistol Fire, Yola, Joan Osborne, Citizen Cope, Warren Haynes, and Rival Sons, among many more. All of the performances will be spread out from July 2nd through the 11th. The venues for the festival include the Sheridan Opera House, Palm Theater, Transfer Warehouse, and more. Simply purchase a Ride festival ticket to gain entry to each of the shows every day of the event. Don’t pass up on a chance to see some incredible live music, especially after a year without it!

Summer Activities in Telluride

While you are in town for the 4th of July, take advantage of all the summer activities in the area. Head out for some incredible mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, and white water rafting. You can also explore with 4×4 or horseback riding tours that will take you around the area. There is plenty to see and do in and around Telluride especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast!

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Enjoy All the Fun in Telluride

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the 4th of July here in Telluride this summer season. Book your vacation rental today for the most comfortable stay in Telluride yet!

There has never been a better time to look ahead at the adventures that await you in Telluride. The summer season is just around the corner, bringing about new opportunities for fun and excitement after a year where many did not travel. Telluride is the perfect spot to start off the summer. Between the cool yet warm temperatures, exciting indoor and outdoor activities, and our comfortable vacation rentals, you can have a memorable time. Take a look at some of our favorite early-summer activities right here in Telluride:


Ask any local in the Telluride area what the most popular summertime activity is and they will always tell you hiking. It is so easy to walk out of your vacation rental and head to a nearby trail. Telluride offers beautiful scenery all around, and even some less-traveled hiking paths. Enjoy a flat hike with no incline or a climb up to the summit of nearby peaks. New visitors should always hit the trails prepared and have water, a trail map, and sunscreen on hand just in case. Visit Telluride’s Visitor Center where you can get a hiking guide that provides maps of the 90+ hikes in the area. A local favorite is hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls where a 365-foot waterfall can be found at the end of the trail.

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Rock Climbing

Telluride is located in the valley of the San Juan Mountains where you can find extensive wall faces perfect for rock climbing. Popular rock climbing areas near Telluride include Ophir Wall, Pipeline, and Via Ferrata. If you are new to rock climbing, make sure to start out at Adventure Rock located in Mountain Village. This artificial climbing boulder is open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and lets you get your footing. Local organizations that can take you on a guided rocking climbing tour include San Juan Outdoor Adventures and Telluride Mountain Club.


Did you know that golf balls are known to fly further in the air when you are at a higher elevation? If that’s the case, you can expect your best game when you golf right here in Telluride. Head over to Telluride Golf Course where an 18-hole golf course is waiting for you. The majestic mountains surround this course, giving you beautiful views from start to finish. Sunset and twilight times are available so you can play while the sun sets in the background. Telluride Golf Course has everything you need from private lessons with the pros, luxury golf carts, and a full-service shop with plenty of new gear. Telluride Golf Course typically opens in early May just in time for the start of the summer season.

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Telluride is close to a variety of lakes including Alta Lakes and Woods Lake. You can relax on the water with a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, also known as a SUP. Explore the water at your own pace as you put in a light workout paddling around the lake. Local shops offer rental gear, so you do not need to worry about bringing anything from home. After you have mastered the still water of the lakes you can head over to the San Miguel River for additional flow. The early summer season is the perfect time to cool off with time by the water!

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Gondola Ride to Mountain Village

Just because it is not winter does not mean you cannot take advantage of the running gondola right here in Telluride. Gondola rides up to Mountain Village are always free and giving you elevated views of the valley. The cabin can easily fit the family so you can watch down below together. Once you get to Mountain Village you can find a variety of restaurants and shops to peruse. Expect delicious food and high-end shopping for a great time.

Telluride Bike Park

Starting in early June you can enjoy the unique services and clinics offered at Telluride Bike Park. This local experience lets you take to the area’s elevated bike paths with the help of local riders. Telluride Bike Park offers a variety of clinics that can train you to become a master rider in little time. They also provide mountain bike rentals so you can hit the trails right away. There is no better way to see the mountains while exploring interconnecting trails at Telluride Bike Park.

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Plan Your Summer Getaway to Telluride

As you can see, Telluride is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground during the summer season. Get here at the start of the season to beat the late summer crowd and enjoy some cooler temperatures. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay and nearby all of these exciting activities.