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Situated in Southwest Colorado, Telluride is a renowned historic mining town sitting in an impressive box canyon. Enclosed by a forested peak, tourists flock to this charming town to taste its breathtaking panorama and explore its outdoor recreational opportunities like playing disc golf. But are you wondering if Telluride is an excellent place for kids to have a fun-filled Halloween? Well, it boasts as one of Colorado’s best Halloween towns that attract vacationers across the globe. Here are the best activities young travelers can engage in and have a fantastic time. Your kids will have a great Halloween in Telluride.

Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Halloween in Telluride

Are you a history enthusiast or looking for a spooky experience to enjoy with the kids?

Then joining the Lamplight Cemetery Tour is an incredible thing to do here. The magnificent Telluride Historical Museum offers this eerie yet family-friendly activity that explores the exemplary Lone Tree Cemetery. A tour guide comes along to ensure you have a terrific excursion and that all your questions get answered. Amid the expedition, you will listen to the tales of the rugged residents who, throughout the years, lived, worked, and are now buried in this local cemetery that lures sightseers from all walks of life. In addition, you will be able to learn about all the mysterious events that took place throughout Telluride’s past.

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Go Hiking

Hiking is another fabulous way for families with youngsters to connect and experience this enchanting town’s cooler weather and Halloween. Luckily, whether you are a resident or a tourist, you don’t have to go far to find a local trail. The impressive San Miguel River Trail begins at the core of Telluride and offers spectacular scenery. Besides taking in the cool fresh air during the hike, you can capture some family selfies for future recollections. Other trails that provide its guests with outstanding views can be located at Jud Wiebe and Via Ferrata.

Stroll the Main Street

If your family is not into the bizarre Halloween events, taking a stroll on the main street is another great way to spend this favored season in this gorgeous town. Recognized for its cute shops and remarkable sceneries of the Rocky Mountains, you can be sure to have a wonderful time with the little ones. With the main street located in the town’s center, you will find an array of galleries, inviting restaurants, and local shops begging exploration. Whether you buy Halloween souvenirs for your loved ones or want to learn more about this haven’s culture, there is something for everyone. Also, you can take beautiful family photos besides learning about the lively history of this majestic place as you interact with the locals.

Relish a Savory Local Dish

Is your family not into watching horror shows or engaging in bizarre activities and events? Don’t worry. A delicious meal is another great way for your household to enjoy and pass Halloween in this splendid town. From outdoor patios and casual restaurants to hip cafes, just to mention a few, you will find something to cater to your needs. Boasting mouth-watering plates of pasta and steaks to doughnuts, among other delectable meals, Telluride will ensure your bellies are delighted. In addition, this foodie paradise has something even for the pickiest of eaters, so don’t fret if your child is one.

Visit the Telluride Historical Museum

What better time to visit the prominent Telluride Historical Museum than during this spooky season? Whether a history fanatic or just seeking to learn, touring this precious museum is a must. Even better, this activity is relaxing for the entire family and equally informative regardless of age. Formerly a local hospital, this spot is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of past patients who may have met their unlucky ends in this quaint facility. Packed with exciting exhibits, the whole family can have an adventurous time here. You will also walk down the history line and understand this region’s 19th-century mining era and culture.

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Book Your Halloween Getaway in Telluride

Anticipate a family-friendly Halloween when you add Telluride to your itinerary. After a joyous day with the kids, getting a good rest is a must. Reserve a one-of-a-kind stay in any of our luxurious holiday rentals in this adorable town and unwind in style. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodation options.

Telluride is a great destination at any time of year, with hiking and more in the summer and plenty of snow sports available in the winter. Fall is also a great time to visit, as it is the off-season here, and you can experience much of the excitement of summer while enjoying fewer crowds at the most popular destinations. Some restaurants do change their hours in the fall off-season, and we’ve listed them below to help ensure you have up-to-date information on your favorite Telluride eatery!

Restaurant Location Off-Season Schedule
Cindybread Lawson Hill Closing early Nov. (Date TBD)
Counter Culture  Lawson Hill Closed 10/24 – Week of 11/22 TBD 
Allred’s Mountain Village    Closed 10/17 – 11/24
Altezza Mountain Village Closed 10/24 – 11/23 
The Bean Cafe @ The Peaks  Mountain Village Closed 10/24-11/25
Black Iron Kitchen Mountain Village Closed 10/18-11/21
Crazy Elk Mountain Village Closed 10/30 – 11/14
La Piazza del Villagio Mountain Village Closed 10/17-11/23
La Pizzeria Mountain Village Closed 10/17 – TBD
Mountain Village Market Mountain Village Open
Poacher’s Mountain Village Open thru 10/17 then TBD.
Shake N Dog Grub Shack Mountain Village Open
Starbucks Mountain Village Closed 10/18-11/19
Talay Mountain Village Closed 10/18-11/25
Telluride Coffee Co. Mountain Village Open
Telluride Distillery Mountain Village Open
The Pick Mountain Village Open (weekdays after 10/18)
The View Bar & Grill Mountain Village Closed 10/18-11/21
Timber Room Mountain Village Closed 10/18-11/21
Tracks Café & Bar Mountain Village Closed 10/17 – 11/19
Village Table Mountain Village Closed 10/7-12/7
221 South Oak Telluride Closed 10/24 – 12/16
Alpinist & the Goat Telluride Open
Baked in Telluride Telluride Closed 10/18-11/1
Brown Dog Telluride Open
Butcher & The Baker Telluride Open
Caravan Telluride Closed 11/22-11/28
Cocina de Luz Telluride Open
Coffee Cowboy Telluride Open
Cornerhouse Grille Telluride Open
Cosmopolitan Telluride Open (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays until Dec. 8)
Esperanza’s Tequilas Telluride Open
Floradora Saloon Telluride Closed 11/16 – 11/25 
High Alpine Coffee Telluride Open
High Pie Telluride Closed 11/20-12/3
La Marmotte Telluride Closed 10/3-12/13
Last Dollar Saloon Telluride Closed 11/1-11/22
Lunch Money Telluride Open
Liberty Bar Telluride Closed 10/17 – 11/19
Little House Telluride Closed 10/31-12/4
New Sheridan Bar Telluride Closed 10/18 – 11/26
New Sheridan Chop House Telluride Closed 10/18 – 11/26
New Sheridan Roof Top Telluride Closed 10/18 
O’Bannon’s Irish Pub Telluride Open
Oak Telluride Closed 10/18-TBD
Over the Moon Telluride Closed end of Oct. – early Dec. 
Pescado Telluride Closed 10/1 – Early December 
Rustico Telluride Open
Siam Telluride Closed 10/24-12/9
Sidework Telluride Closed 10/10-12/13
Smugglers Telluride Closed 10/31-11/20
Steamies Burger Bar Telluride Open
Telluride Truffle Telluride Open 
The National Telluride Closed 10/21-12/8
The Phoenix Bean Telluride Closed 10/18 – 11/26
The Tunnel Telluride TBA
The West End Bistro Telluride Closed 10/24 – Late Nov. 
There Telluride TBA
Tomboy Tavern Telluride Closed 10/16 – 11/21
Wok of Joy Telluride Closed 11/1-12/1
Wood Ear Telluride Closed 11/23-12/1
Stronghouse Brew Pub Telluride Closed 11/15 – 11/25
Historical Museum Telluride Closed 10/16 – 12/17 

Now that fall has officially begun, we can start looking forward to some thrilling events, especially with Halloween just around the corner. Halloween is best enjoyed with a variety of spooky yet family-friendly events. Telluride has plenty in store for the Halloween holiday this year, making sure families of all ages can join in on the fun. Take a look at some of the exciting Halloween events and activities you can enjoy right here in Telluride this year:

Telluride Horror Show

One of our favorite parts of Halloween each year is having the perfect chance to get caught up on some of our favorite scary movies. Telluride loves a good scary movie and has hosted the Telluride Horror Show for 11 consecutive years now. The 12th annual Telluride Horror Show is just around the corner and will be one of the best events yet. This horror film festival brings in attendees from all over the world to screen the latest and greatest horror films. This three-day festival features many movies that are being shown for the first time to the public. This year’s events include plenty of film screenings, special programs, special guests, and horror events that will keep you on the edge of your seats. This year’s Telluride Horror Show is scheduled to take place on October 15th through 17th for a spooky time that only telluride can provide.

Lamplight Cemetery Tour

Another spooky yet family-friendly activity that is perfect for any Telluride visitor to join in is the upcoming Lamplight Cemetery Tour offered by the Telluride Historical Museum. This spooky tour takes place at the Lone Tree Cemetery right here in town for a lamplight tour of the area. Your tour guide will provide a thorough history of some of the spooky events that have occurred throughout Telluride’s history. Many of the rugged locals who lived and worked in Telluride have been buried at this local cemetery. The Lamplight Cemetery Tour is scheduled to take place on October 16th, October 22nd, and October 30th at 6:00 PM for an hour-long tour. Guests need to register in advance for the tour by calling 970-728-3344. Guests are recommended to bring a flashlight for safety and also dress warmly for the occasion as the Telluride fall season can be chilly at night.

Ride the Gondola

The Halloween season is just not reserved for spooky events and activities. Make sure to take the time during your fall trip to see all of the wonderful colors of the leaves. Telluride is known for its incredible fall foliage that changes colors as the weather gets cooler. One of the best ways in the area to do just that is by riding the gondola. A ride aboard the gondola should be on your itinerary no matter the time of the year you visit. It is a free ride up to Mountain Village that takes you high above the treetops. This is the best way to see all of the trees and their changing colors. It even has handicap accessible and pet-friendly cars that allow for everyone to make the journey with you. The gondola is currently scheduled to operate daily from 7:00 AM to midnight (until 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays) up until October 17th. Don’t miss out on this must-see Telluride experience!

Go Hiking

Another incredible way to experience all of the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler temperature around Halloween is by going for a hike. Visitors of Telluride do not even have to go far to find a local trail. The San Miguel River Trail starts right in the heart of Telluride and provides some incredible views. Additional trails that result in even better views of the canyon can be found at Jud Wiebe. More adventurous hiking can be found at Via Ferrata if you are ready for the journey.

Go Mountain Biking

Add a little speed to your fall and Halloween trip by enjoying some mountain biking out on the trails. Prospect Trail is perfect for the average rider and will take you all the way down to Mountain Village. Those who are more experienced will have a thrill when they head to Mountain Village Downhill Park and pick up speed. Telluride features plenty of local bike shops that offer daily rentals, so you do not have to bring yours from home.

Halloween Is Almost Here in Telluride

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a little Halloween getaway right here in Telluride. Make the most of your trip by reserving one of our vacation rentals right here in town. Expect a spooky yet family-friendly time when you pick Telluride!

Telluride is known for its winter excitement as people from all over the world flock to play on our slopes and experience the cool beauty of the Colorado landscape covered in snow, but we aren’t just a one season vacation destination. In the spring, the promise of nature shines through in the budding trees, the flowers pushing their way through fertile soil, and the warmer temperatures lead us to the doorstep of summer, when hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are popular things to do in Telluride in the fall. Fall holds a spot in our hearts, as the weather cools, the trees turn to shades of gold, and if you find us indoors, well, it must be late at night, because we can’t help but spend all our free time enjoying the beauty of the great Telluride outdoors! This guide to the good times you can have during your unforgettable visit to Colorado and your stay in our Lodging In Telluride seasonal sanctuaries will ensure that every minute of your getaway will be the best ones you have had in a very long time.

The Telluride Gondola

You will notice that the Gondola is not just a way of transportation; it is also the perfect way to experience a hint of the beauty of the Colorado landscape. Closing in October, but re-opening around Thanksgiving for the ski season and costing absolutely nothing to ride, it takes approximately 13 minutes to complete your “tour.” As you sit in the glass car, you can’t help but twist, turn, and snap pictures as you try to take in every angle of the scene unfolding around you! The mountains standing guard may already be snowcapped, and the valley below you will look as if it is on fire, alight with the colors of the trees dressed in their most colorful autumn “gear.” On cloudy days you may feel as if you can actually touch the clouds, and the views may be limited, but the joy you feel when the sun breaks through those clouds will be limitless! This is definitely one of the best things to do in Telluride in the fall!

Telluride Brewing Company, 156 Society Drive

The flavors of fall are our second favorite part of the season, and although pumpkin spice coffee is a top contender for best taste, a pumpkin porter always wins in the end! Telluride Brewing Company is known for its craft beers, adding new ones with the change of the season, and even if pumpkin porter isn’t on the menu, there is sure to be a fall flavored brew you will fall in love with! As we write this right now, the summer flavors are on tap, but their Face Down Brown, an American Brown Ale with 5.7 % ABV, is definitely looking promising for the cooler months!

Take a Hike

As we discussed earlier, fall is definitely a season we all want to be outside experiencing, and the simplest way to do so is by taking a hike. The trails that run through the region are numerous and can be difficult, such as the 2.5-mile hike up to Ajax Peak, (and another 2.5 miles back down) the more moderate hike to Bridal Veil Falls—this one is 2.2 miles one way, has a lower elevation, and ends with the breathtaking sight of the falls—or the easier hike through Bear Creek Canyon. It doesn’t matter which hike you take, however, as you will still be amazed at the idyllic landscape that surrounds you!

Telluride Autumn Classic (Cars & Colors), September 23 – 26

As the pandemic continues to waylay long made plans, the local festivals and events are slowly starting to make a comeback, much to our relief, and the Telluride Autumn Classic is one of those fall events making its presence known. Offering an incredible opportunity for celebrating all forms of transportation, including cars, motorcycles, and aircraft, this show is a favorite of everyone who comes to play. Featuring cars, motorcycles, and planes that are old, new, vintage, and restored, you will enjoy the contrast between high-tech vehicles with speedy engines and vibrant paint jobs and the natural beauty of the golf course on which most of the festival is held as you listen to live music, sample a taste of the town, and sip your new favorite wines. Tickets can be purchased for the entire event, or for as many days as you want to attend and come in VIP versions and general admission. Depending on which ticket you purchase, events can include a poker walk, admission to the closing Alpenglow celebration (hot air balloons that glow in the night sky!), photo contests, and so much more!

Play at Home

Simple moments can make all the difference, so why not stay home and play in your Lodging in Telluride fall escape? Sit by a roaring fire on a chilly fall day, sip Irish coffee on the balcony at sunset, and soak in hot tubs under the stars. All of these quiet moments can be experienced when you choose Lodging in Telluride. Reserve your favorite property and contact us today!

When you’re planning your ultimate fall or summer vacation, look no further than Telluride. The four-seasons destination has activities and attractions for everyone no matter what time of year you plan an ultimate trip full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. From hiking and biking to rock climbing and water activities, you’ll find plenty of ways to pack your Telluride Itinerary full of fun and adventure. Make sure to ask about pet-friendly rentals so the whole family can join in on the fun. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite things to do in Telluride in summer and fall!

Historic Telluride

When you plan a trip to Telluride, the town itself is an attraction to be explored. Wander the historic town, and get lost in the core of town, designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1964 due to its significant role in the history of the American West. Visit the town museum and learn about the town’s transformation from Ute tribe summer camp, to mining camp, to boom-town, and finally ski mecca. Shop in the stores and boutiques, many of which are housed in some of the original buildings dating back to the 1800s.

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Get your exercise and a dose of fresh mountain air during your fall or summer respite. Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy the scenic landscape, making it one of the most popular Telluride summer activities! Enjoy the warmer temperatures of the summer and the crispness of fall along with a beautiful landscape, and plenty of nature trails to take you places your rental car can’t go. Stay prepared, by taking trail essentials like water, sun protection, trail food, a first aid kit, bug spray, and whatever else it is you need for a comfortable trek of any length. Make sure to schedule your hikes a few days after you arrive so you can get used to the thinner mountain air before a trek.

Mountain Biking

The mountains surrounding Telluride – the San Juan Mountains – provide a variety of terrain for riding. There is a Mountain Village biking trail map available, or you can set out in search of the trail of your choice. Experienced bikers can take challenging trails that take you exploring old mining roads, basins, and high above the box canyon. Enjoy longer, moderate-skill level trails that link several former railroad tracks throughout the valley and further west. Experience the splendor of thriving aspen groves and lush meadows as you explore the trails. If you’re not ready for the various elevation changes and thinner air of the trails, stick closer to town and check out the Telluride Bike Park at the Telluride Ski Resort. From San Sophia Station, access bike trails for both Mountain Village and Telluride, or go for a ride along the scenic San Juan Skyway for some road riding. Whether on the mountain trails or riding through town, biking is one of our favorite Telluride fall activities!


Enjoy the many tastes of Telluride! There are many restaurants offering the most delicious food prepared by brilliant chefs. Deli selections like hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and more join pizza, burgers, authentic Italian or Thai cuisine, and so much more. No matter what meal of the day you’re hungry for, you’ll find it in Telluride. Take yourself and your taste buds on a tour of the town. There’s a flavor to love and leave you satisfied until the next meal.


Telluride is full of local retailers offering mountain-themed souvenirs, apparel, jewelry, and more. Get outfitted for your water or land-based adventure with gear outfitters that have everything you’ll need to have fun and be safe. The historic district, Mountain Village, and other locales around town give you the chance to ‘shop local’ for everything you need and want during your epic fall or summer getaway.


Go where your feet, a bike, or your rental vehicle can’t go when you go on a 4×4 off-road adventure. There are several companies that provide off-road experiences in Telluride and the surrounding area. Some companies offer the classic open-top Jeep vehicles, while others offer alternatives. Your 4×4 adventure may be experienced from a specially made Chevy truck that has been customized for a smoother ride and optimum safety. Another option may be the Swiss Army “Pinzguaer” – a mountain vehicle with 14 inches of ground clearance, low gearing, and narrow width – the best characteristics for an off-road vehicle. Visit destinations like Imogene Pass, Tomboy Ghost Town, Ophir Pass to the ghost town of Alta, Black Bear Pass and more. Most companies offer half-day trips that are approximately four hours in length, or longer excursions. If you’re an experienced off-roader and want to explore beyond the guided tours, rent your own off-road vehicle and take your own route. For a romantic atmosphere, go for a sunset ride. Off-roading is one of our favorite things to do in Telluride in the fall and summer for a group outing.

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Rock Climbing

Go vertical during your Telluride summer or fall adventure. Climb the jagged peaks and extensive wall faces of the San Juan Mountains! It’s full of climbing and bouldering routes. You can follow in the footsteps of legendary climbers Lynn Hill or Charlie Fowler, making it one of the premiere destinations for climbing. Get your feet wet at Adventure Rock in Mountain Village, a man-made climbing boulder located in Conference Center Plaza and is open daily during the summer. Encounter various problems that challenges novice as well as experienced climbers.


Get your feet off the ground during your Telluride adventure. Take to the skies and paraglide over the Telluride valley and see the breath-taking scenery as the birds do. Tandem paragliding experiences are provided by Telluride Paragliding and are staffed by USHPA certified instructors. If you enjoyed the single ride and are in town a while, choose to take lessons. Come back when there’s snow on the ground and try your hand at speed riding. Speed riding, which brings you closer to the terrain below your feet combines paragliding and skiing. The activity is part of the lessons you can choose that last 7-10 days. The basic paragliding lesson, which will earn you a P2 rating, is modified with speed riding in mind. Only expert skiers dedicated to first learning paragliding should enroll.

Classic Movies

No matter when you’re here, you’ll be able to enjoy classic cinema. The Palm Classic Cinema Series offers a series of classic movies each quarter of the year. Each quarter’s series has its own theme, focused on a specific year or era. In 2019, one quarter’s theme was movies from 1969. It included movies such as True Grit, a John Wayne film. The film has some Colorado ties, as parts were filmed in the towns of Ouray and Ridgway. Courtroom scenes were filmed at the Ouray County Courthouse. Shows are free, but a donation to the Palm Arts Programming Fund is appreciated.

Mountain Village Adventure Center

The Mountain Village Adventure Center offers mountain fun and adventure for kids during the summer months. They’ll enjoy a bungee trampoline, experience what it’s like to pan for gold at the mining sluice in Heritage Plaza at the base of the Mountain Village Gondola and walk away with a bag of ‘pay dirt’, a sluice box and gem identification card for participating at the multi-level sluice station.

Court Sports

Telluride and Mountain Village offer a selection of many and varied court sports. Enjoy basketball, tennis, racquetball – also known as paddle tennis, and sand volleyball. Play basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball are available at Telluride Town Park. Paddle Tennis is available in Mountain Village by reservation.

Fly Fishing

Anglers will find themselves in paradise in Telluride. Known for some of the best trout streams in the Rocky Mountains, including in a variety of lakes, ponds, and alpine creeks, Telluride is the place to cast your next line. To find the best spots, enlist the knowledgeable local guides to help. Choose a float fishing trip or access private waters. Before your outing, make sure to obtain a Colorado fishing license, available at most sporting goods shops, and ask about the “Colorado Fishing Proclamation” for possession restrictions of various species of fish. To make excursions fun for everyone, protect the river corridors by avoiding trampling plants or causing erosion of banks that are home to the fish. Guides can teach you proper catch-and-release tactics and advise anglers to handle fish with wet hands that are free from sunscreen and bug spray, which can damage the trout’s natural protective coating.

Horseback Riding

Trade your mountain bike for a horse and explore the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Enjoy the mountain vistas, breath-taking views, wide open views, as you venture along the trails and rejuvenate your spirit. Choose from an overnight or afternoon guided ride through the forests and meadows or add on the experience of a chuck wagon dinner ride.

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Spa Day

There’s plenty of action and adventure to keep you busy during your Telluride getaway, but you don’t want to forget to just relax and unwind for a while. Book some time at one of the local day spas and pamper yourself from head to toe. Enjoy a detoxifying and rejuvenating facial, body scrub, wrap, or other treatment. Enjoy a massage, from lymphatic massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, and a menu of others. Don’t forget your hair and nails and choose a spa that includes salon services and mani/pedi services. Ask about couple’s experiences, and special treatments for men. In between all your Telluride summer and fall activities, a spa day is sure to help you relax!

Gondola Rides

Even when there’s no snow on the ground, the gondola operates. The unique transportation system takes guests on a scenic ride up the mountain, for free! The ride is eight miles and last 13 minutes. The gondola ride has even the made list of Telluride’s most Instagram-worthy spots. The stunning scenery makes this one of the most romantic Telluride fall activities—those leaves are breathtaking!

Music Festivals

Telluride is known for its many festivals, including the Telluride Bluegrass Festival – a festival celebrating all things Bluegrass music and culture. Immerse yourself in intimate master workshops, songwriting contests, and showcases. Enjoy late-night concerts and more over the four-day event. The Telluride Jazz Festival celebrates all things Jazz, including showcases, live shows, and plenty of other events. The RIDE Festival is a three-day music event that celebrates music of many kinds. Past acts include Pearl Jam, Steve Earle, and many others.

Film Festivals

There are two festivals that celebrate the cinematic culture of Colorado, Telluride, and all around the globe. MountainFilm attracts around 85 of the top independent films from around the world. The three-day event is full of film screenings, critiques, guest presentations from filmmakers, symposiums, on film creation and theory, and more. The Telluride Film Festival is a great way to end the summer. Screenings, panels, special events, and more fill the weekend and keep you busy and engrossed in films. Keep a lookout for A-list celebrities, too.

Other Festivals

Music and film aren’t the only things celebrated in Telluride. The Telluride Balloon Festival kicks off the summer festival season. You’ll see dozens of handcrafted hot air balloons launch from Telluride Town Park and glide down the valley. Saturday night features a “glow” night when balloon owners fire up their balloons along Main Street and envelop downtown Telluride in their light. The Telluride Wine Festival gives wine enthusiasts a great reason to visit Telluride in the summer. You can indulge in wine and culinary masterpieces through dinners, luncheons, pairings, classes, and more. Relax and rejuvenate this summer at the Telluride Yoga Festival. Yogis of all levels will experience mentorship, learning, and revitalization through classes, guided meditation, guest speakers, and special events. Come in the fall and enjoy great music and craft beer at the Blues & Brews Festival. Combine great music and great brews for an experience like no other. The event is for guests 18 and older. Music performances take place at venues throughout town, and the “Grand Beer Tasting” is the highlight of the event, with over 50 microbreweries serving up over 150 unique brews.

Summer Satisfaction and Fall Fun in Telluride

When you stay in home by Vacation Telluride, you’ll enjoy easy access to amazing shopping, dining, and the many year-round attractions. We offer a variety of vacation rental properties, allowing you to find the perfect place to stay. Choose from a cozy one-bedroom condo for a small family or sweetheart getaway, all the way up to a five-bedroom home for a group or family reunion. Relax in a private outdoor space like a patio or balcony and curl up for a good night’s sleep in a private bedroom. Choose a premium rental for extras like a gym to keep up on your workouts, hot tub to relax tired muscles, media room, stainless steel appliances, and much more. Enjoy a stress-free, worry-free stay, knowing that we clean and sanitize units between each stay. Your unforgettable Telluride fall or summer vacation packed with memories to last a lifetime starts in one of our vacation homes. Contact us today to learn more about the many things to do in Telluride in summer and fall and start planning your Telluride adventure!