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With the chaos of the modern world and the struggles of parenting, you can easily forget about your love life. The romance that existed during your dating days is no longer there. However, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to redeem yourself. Chocolates, gifts, and love cards are important, but you could do something better. A trip to Telluride is up for grabs. With its chilled weather, incredible downtown, and multiple activities to explore, the region makes a good choice for this year’s Valentine’s. Here’s what to expect from Valentine’s getaway to Telluride.  

Valentine’s Getaway to Telluride

Telluride is a nature lover’s paradise for several reasons. First, it is home to multiple forested mountains that breathe fresh air. One of the best ways to explore all that this region has to offer is by snowshoeing. Whether you decide to stroll around downtown or go up the mountains, you can be sure of an entertaining day out there. Going up these mountains with your partner by your side means you have the right support system you would need to overcome your fears. Enjoying the snowy surroundings completes the whole experience.  

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A Gondola Ride Works Wonders

While snowshoeing is good for your Telluride adventure, it gets to a point where your body can’t take the activity anymore. It is at this point that the Telluride Gondola ride comes in handy. This ride helps you ascend the mountains systematically without breaking a sweat. The views from up there are worth it all for a Valentine’s Day adventure. The journey to the top has an elevation gain of above 10,000 feet, which comes with a chance to explore the beautiful sceneries up there.   

Spend a Day in the Hot Springs

With Colorado’s unrelenting winter, it can sometimes get too cold for you to explore the outdoors comfortably. Even then, there is at least one more activity to keep you moving as a couple. A spa day in the hot springs is something you need to consider for your Telluride adventure. Apart from keeping your body warm, it is a good way to rejuvenate and keep fresh. Instead of spending a fortune in the spa, this technique is just as effective. Taking a dip in the natural springs also opens your pores, leading to glowing skin. While the closest one is a bit of a drive it is well worth it! Head to Ridgeway and experience the Orvis Hot Springs. 

Attend a Skiing Class Together

Any day is a skiing day in Colorado. If you have never been to a ski resort before, this year’s Valentine’s Day escape presents the best opportunity to have a feel of this wonderful sport. Skiing classes are offered all over and the basics are easy to understand. It won’t take long before you and your partner are sliding down the slopes like professionals. Make your reservations soon! 

Spoil Each Other with Gifts

Although love reigns every day, Valentine’s presents the best day for you to show it more to your partner. Booking a vacation far away from home alone isn’t enough for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Buying gifts for one another complete the missing part. The gifts this time around go beyond the usual flowers and cards. Downtown Telluride is lined with multiple high-end boutiques and luxury shopping avenues where you can get a befitting gift for your partner. Whether it is jewelry, designer clothes, or perfume, make your partner feel appreciated.  

Book a Diner Date

Beyond the gondola rides and skiing, there is something more engaging you can do to add a little taste to your Telluride Valentine’s experience. Valentine’s diner in Telluride is more than just the food. Live musical events and photo sessions are all part of the plan. The area is served by multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global delicacies. If you don’t mind a noisy environment for this special day, downtown is best suited for you. For people who like a laidback kind of lifestyle away from the chaos of everyday life, resorts in the rugged forested area will do. Whether you fancy something simple like a mug of coffee or more complex exotic dishes, the area has it all. Most Valentine’s Day celebrations are paired with a glass of wine. Sip your favorite drinks as you dance the night away with your partner. Make your dining reservations now! 

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Where to Stay in Telluride

Vacationing in Telluride gives you the perfect chance to spoil your romantic partner. If you are looking for a place to call home as you celebrate Valentine’s, Accommodations in Telluride has you covered. Do you want it downtown or up there in the Mountain Village? Our wide portfolio of properties allows you to choose what works best for your case. Our professional team engages you throughout your stay with suggestions on the best things to explore in the area. Contact us today for more information. 

While the winter and summer seasons are the prime times here in Telluride all other times of year are a great option too. The Telluride off season continues to offer plenty of exciting activities that will make for a memorable stay. Take a look at some options for you during Telluride’s off-season: 

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What to Do During Telluride’s Off Season

Many locals here in Telluride often depart for the off-season in preparation for a busy winter season. However, that does not mean all local restaurants are closed for the off-season. Many local favorites at The Village will be open during the season. This includes local favorites such as Altezza, Crazy Elk, and Silver Pick Coffee. Many restaurants in Downtown Telluride will also be open. These locations include Caravan, Brown Dog, Cosmopolitan, Esperanza’s Tequila, and High Pie. Some restaurants may have restricted hours or days but you will still be able to enjoy their delicious menus during your off-season stay. 

Outdoor Activities 

During the off-season, local outdoor activities never shut down. This means you can enjoy outdoor adventures with a smaller crowd. Head off into the hills with a 4×4 off-roading adventure. The Arches National Park is just a short drive away and is a Utah favorite. The mountain biking trails will be open; if you don’t have your own bike stop by a rental shop in town to rent one out for the day. See incredible water-based attractions such as Blue Lake and Bridal Veil Falls up close for lovely views. There is no shortage of fun around Telluride. 


The Thanksgiving Holiday marks the end of the off-season and this year Accommodations in Telluride is offering a very special Thanksgiving promotion! When you book three nights you’ll get the fourth night for free! And you’ll also get a free turkey for you to cook in your fully equipped kitchen located inside your private and luxurious vacation rental! Book your vacation rental today using coupon code THANKU22. 

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An off-season adventure in Telluride is actually what you need. Book one of our vacation rentals today for an incredible experience.  

While it is still the summer season you cannot schedule a vacation getaway too early. It has been a hot year in 2022 so if you are like us you are ready for some cooler temperatures. One of our favorite seasons to get out and explore Telluride is the fall. This time of year allows visitors to explore the many outdoor activities we have to offer. The fall season is also typically a quieter time of year for traveling allowing for less crowded activities. Take a look at some of our favorite Fall Activities in Telluride, Colorado 2022. 

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Fall Activities in Telluride, Colorado 2022

The fall season is a popular time of year for special events to take place in Telluride. This includes a variety of the events listed here: 

Telluride Blues and Brews 

One special occasion is our annual Telluride Blues & Brews event. This fun time is right at the start of the fall season bringing up all kinds of fun. This event is a multistage celebration that showcases a variety of music including blues, rock and roll, funk, indie, and more. The musical performances will also be paired with craft beer from local and national breweries. The Telluride Blues and Brews are not just for adults either; in fact, the kids will have plenty to enjoy including bungee trampolines, parades, bounce houses, and a climbing wall. Activities for all ages will include free yoga sessions in the morning, a 5k fundraiser race, arts and crafts, and plenty of food vendors. Don’t miss out on this incredible time taking place from September 16th through the 18th. 

Telluride Horror Festival 

Further into the fall season is our 13th consecutive Telluride Horror Festival taking place October 13th through the 16th. This exciting festival brings in some of the latest horror films from all over the world for an incredible gathering. Telluride’s unique theaters will be playing this incredible mix of horror, thriller, suspense, and sci-fi films for audiences who love the craft. This year’s lineup has over 20 full feature films and 60 short films. The Telluride Horror Festival is a must-see for all horror enthusiasts with our secluded mountain locale! 

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Check Out the Fall Foliage 

You will also find a variety of incredible fall activities such as leaf-peeping. The local foliage is a deep shade of green throughout the summer season. But as the temperatures begin to drop so do the leaves Check out the changes in colors as the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Visitors can see the best views from the San Juan Skyway as it provides a sweeping view of the San Juan Mountains. Fall colors will start to show up in the trees around mid to late September and will continue for approximately three weeks. If you want to see the leaves from Telluride’s high country, simply book a 4×4 tour with local providers. These tours often go up into Imogene Pass and Tomboy Basin. Visitors can also hit the local hiking trails such as Ridge Trail and Telluride Trail for in-person views.  

Ride the Gondola 

You cannot visit Telluride during the fall and skip on an opportunity to ride up the gondola. This local attraction can be found right in the middle of Downtown Telluride and will take you up on an 8-mile ride that is absolutely free. There is a perfect way to get some incredible views in; take it at sunset for a romantic activity perfect for couples. Once you hop on the gondola you will be taken up to Mountain Village. This area of Telluride features a variety of unique shops and incredible restaurants to try out. You also won’t find any better views so come see why this part of town is our favorite! 

Hiking and Mountain Biking 

Take advantage of the cooler weather and hit the local hiking trails around Telluride. One of our favorites is Hawn Mountain Loop located on the outskirts of Telluride. This 6.9-mile hike starts from downtown Telluride and will take you up to Hawn Mountain Trailhead. The trail takes most individuals approximately 4 hours to complete and will show off beautiful rockwork in the mountains and a handmade rock staircase. This hike is also typically quiet during the fall allowing you to enjoy some privacy during the hike. Also, check out other nearby trails that include Elder Creek Trail Loop and Deep Creek Trail Loop. Most paths can be shared with mountain bikers so make sure to share the trail with everyone around you. 

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Book Today for Telluride 

There is plenty for you to see and do right here in Telluride this fall season. 2022 is shaping up for an incredible fall season full of exciting activities and events. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals today for the best stay in Telluride. Contact us today! 

As the spring season finally starts to wind down, we might be thinking of our next big vacation getaway. There is nothing better than hopping in your car and taking off on the perfect road trip. The early summer season is the perfect time to do such an event and Telluride should be your final destination. Telluride is an amazing vacation destination that offers a variety of exciting activities in the early summer season. Let us help you plan for the perfect early summer Colorado road trip to Telluride:

Ride Up to Gondola Village

The early summer season is the perfect time to see Telluride in all of its glory. Our winter and spring seasons see plenty of snowfall that covers the surrounding areas. With early summer comes warmer weather that melts the snow and provides clear views especially the higher up in elevation you go. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and ride up to Mountain Village located up in the San Juan Mountains. Getting there is extremely easy, simply hop on the free gondola located in the center of Downtown Telluride. This gondola will take you up over 9,000 feet in elevation to reach Mountain Village. Here you will find various shops and restaurants to browse. Reaching Mountain Village is always a welcome item on your road trip itinerary.

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Finding the Hiking Trails

Now that the snow has cleared up for the most part you will be able to find the once covered hiking trails. Telluride hiking trails will let you trek around the area and find some gorgeous views of the area. The melted snow also allows the local rivers and falls to be flowing at their best. With that combination in mind we recommend trekking down to Bear Creek Falls. Visitors will be able to start the trail just off South Pine Street in Telluride. Narrow cliffs and spacious open meadows align the trail for incredible views. Once you get to Bear Creek Falls you will see why it is one of the biggest natural attractions in the area. The water falls from over 1,000 feet high providing a spectacular sight. This is the perfect place too to relax with a picnic or soak up the early summer sunshine. Another popular trail is the Jud Wiebe Trail that features panoramic views of Bear Creek and Ajax Peak. You will be able to see the canyon bedrocks up close. It’s found on a 3-mile trail loop making it the perfect morning hike during your stay here in Telluride.

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Drive the Million Dollar Highway

The views do not stop at the hiking trails found in Telluride. Since you have access to your vehicle it is well worth making the drive down the Million Dollar Highway. This stretch of highway has been named one of the most beautiful drives in the world. The name comes from the cost to build it, but the views make it more than worth it. Be careful driving down this winding road as the views can make it distracting when driving.

Find a Place to Grab a Drink

Since you have a few days here in town you might as well find the local watering holes. Telluride is home to Telluride Brewing Company that has won several awards since being founded in 2011. Visitors will be able to try out their fine selection of mainstay beers and even special seasonal offerings that rotate in throughout the year. Telluride Brewing Company is a must visit for craft beer enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike. Visitors can also find their favorite spirits and cocktails when they make a stop at Telluride Distilling Company. Hand crafted spirits made in the mountains just taste so much better. Don’t forget to grab bottles of your favorite brews and spirits to take back home whenever you visit these local favorites!

The Perfect Early Summer Vacation Rental

Having an incredible road trip to Telluride can be ruined if you do not plan for your lodging options in advance. Instead of booking a tiny hotel room where you have no room to move around, book one of our spacious vacation rentals. Each property is a privately owned home that features luxurious amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Book one of our spacious homes that feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms or pick out a cozy condominium that is located right in Downtown Telluride. There is no wrong option to pick out so find something you like in our selection and prepare for the best road trip ever!

Book Your Stay in Telluride

As you can see a road trip to Telluride has plenty to offer when you visit in the early summer. Our vacation rentals are available year round and the early summer season is one of the slower travel seasons giving you even more to choose from.

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When it comes to Telluride you can expect a variety of incredible outdoor activities that will make your trip one to remember for years to come. Our Colorado paradise is perfect for someone looking to get away or the outdoor enthusiast looking to push themselves with thrilling activities. Like all other destinations, we cannot control the weather. Telluride sees the occasional rainstorm come through most times of the year that might delay your outdoor activities for a few hours. If that is the case, fret not, as Telluride also has plenty of activities that are perfect for rainy days! Take a look at some popular rainy day activities in Telluride:

Ride the Telluride Mountain Village Gondola

One of the most popular activities in general in Telluride is riding the Mountain Village gondola. This gondola has become a landmark for Telluride since it first opened back in 1996. Visitors can take the 12-minute gondola ride up to the top of Mountain Village. Marvel at the 360 view of the San Juan Mountains that are a beauty to behold even during rainy weather. Your ride up to Mountain Village will take you to an elevation of 10,540 feet above sea level. Regardless of when you visit, the gondola should be up and running, as it is operational approximately 287 days out of the year. Once you are up in Mountain Village, make sure to visit Market Plaza for some fun shopping!

Shop and Dine at Market Plaza

Once you have made the trek up to Mountain Village, make sure to stick around the Market Plaza for lively restaurants and shops. You can dine with a variety of restaurants that are sure to satisfy any craving you have. Allred’s is the flagship restaurant in the plaza and can be found at the peak of the gondola. Expect to find hand crafted cocktails and fine wines on hand to pair with your dinner. For a more casual meal you cannot go wrong with Crazy Elk Pizza and their hand made pizza pies. There are plenty shops offering winter sport gear for your next run down the mountain. Or check out Heritage Apparel for high end clothing for adults and children. You can spend hours in these shops waiting for the rain to clear up in Telluride.

Telluride Historical Museum

Now that you have shopped, it is time to learn more about Telluride’s rich history. You can do that and much more when you stop in the Telluride Historical Museum. This local museum can be found on Fir Street and offers quite a bit of info on Telluride and the surrounding area. Expect to find interactive exhibits, engaging programming, and unique events held throughout the year. Exhibits feature exciting artifacts such as real dinosaur bones, artifacts related to the indigenous roots of the region, and artifacts from the rich mining history that Telluride previously experienced. Interactive maps will help you understand how the area started small and quickly grew over the years to house the many incoming settlers for mining. Guests visiting the Telluride Historical Museum often spend as much as two hours with each visit, giving you plenty of time to ride out the rain. The Telluride Historical Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Attend the Sheridan Opera House

If your rainy day happens to fall on day with a showing at the Sheridan Opera House, you are in for quite the treat. This local opera house is on the list of National Register of Historic Places and is often referred as Telluride’s Living Room. You can find intimate shows inside this 238-seat theatre that also helps with local charities and community endeavors. Sheridan’s Opera House offers a variety of shows throughout the year with tickets available to purchase in advance. The opera house also attends and showcases many different festivals throughout the year. Come check out this historical theatre the next time you find a rainy day in Telluride.

Grab Sweets at Telluride Truffle

There is nothing better than treating your sweet tooth with a nice treat on a rainy day. Telluride Truffle is the city’s top sweets shop and has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Stop in this underground shop for packaged candy, ice cream, and much more. Fudge and other sweets are baked fresh each day and are the perfect gift to take back home to a loved one. Telluride Truffle is open Monday through Thursday from 10:15 AM to 8:00 PM and Friday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Rainy Days Are Still Fun in Telluride

As you can see, you can still have a blast on a rainy day here in Telluride. Book your next vacation rental with us and enjoy an incredible time!