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Seeing all the wonderful features and Telluride attractions can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Luckily, there are a variety of tour companies right here in the area that offers thrilling tour experiences. You can finally say you have seen all there is right here in the Telluride area when you take one of these tours!

Telluride Horseback Adventures

During your stay in Telluride, you may catch a glimpse of majestic horses being ridden along the trails. If you have ever wanted to try horseback riding for yourself, look no further than Telluride Horseback Adventures. This local outfitter is highly experienced in horseback riding for beginners and experienced riders. Their in-depth tours will take you out onto the beautiful Telluride trails for one to two hours. If there is anywhere, in particular, you want to see, just let them know and a customized pack trip can be planned! Telluride Horseback Adventures is perfect for all ages and is a fantastic way to see the trails from a whole new level.

Telluride Outfitters

The summer season offers exhilarating tours of Telluride that are guaranteed to light up your trip. Horseback riding is not the only fun and excitement you can find yourself getting into during your stay. Telluride Outfitters is one of the top rental companies right here in Telluride that can supply you with stand-up paddleboards or Jeep rentals. However, they also offer thrilling summer tours that you cannot pass up. Join one of their RZR tours that explores the Southwest Colorado outback. The Polaris RZR is basically a golf cart that is outfitted like a Jeep. You will be able to explore the hundreds of miles of trails as you are guided by a professional driver. Book your tour with a single driver in each vehicle or load it up with three passengers. Either way, the tour will give you two hours out on the trails with transportation to and from included.

Telluride Offroad Adventures

If checking out the beautiful scenery is your top priority when visiting Telluride during the summer make sure you book a tour with Telluride Offroad Adventures. Guests of their tours will ride in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle that will take them up to the highest hills in the area. These vehicles are designed to take on the toughest terrain and will provide one heck of a time. Telluride Offroad Adventures offers a variety of tours to choose from too. For a short two-hour tour, you have plenty of destinations from which to pick, including Ophir Pass, seasonal waterfall tours, Alta Ghost Town, and more. Half-day and full-day tours takes you out into the wilderness even further to explore Black Bear Pass or Imogene Pass. Private and custom tours are also available to those looking to maintain social distancing during their visit.

Mild to Wild

Telluride is home to the San Miguel River that is just a short drive away. This river is known for thrilling white water rafting adventures that are guaranteed to make a splash during your day. Mild to Wild is a local provider of all things white water rafting. The San Miguel River is a high-speed trip that is complete with twisting canyons and red rock walls. Their white water rafting experiences are perfect for ages 8 and up. Available white water rafting excursions include half-day, full-day, and even two- and three-day river experiences.

Telluride Outside

Not all tours in and around Telluride have to be high-flying adventures. Instead, they can be peaceful and relaxing experiences to help you enjoy your time here even more. Telluride Outside is the top guide service for fly fishing here in Telluride. The San Miguel River and other local streams offer some of the best trout fishing in the state. Tours can even take you over to Uncompahgre River or Upper Dolores River. Public and private fly-fishing tours will take you to the best watering holes where you are practically guaranteed a big catch. Similar to other tours in Telluride, this tour is offered by the half- or whole-day availability. All gear will be provided to you during your tour so you can leave everything at home; this also includes the necessary leases you need at the river! Let their experts show you how to have the best fishing journey yet.

Enjoy Your Trip to Telluride

As you can see, Telluride offers all kinds of fun and exciting tours you can enjoy throughout the year. Our luxury vacation rentals will keep you comfortable during your stay. The locations will keep you close to prime activities, including these tours. Come see why Telluride is a top vacation destination right here in Colorado.