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With the chaos of the modern world and the struggles of parenting, you can easily forget about your love life. The romance that existed during your dating days is no longer there. However, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to redeem yourself. Chocolates, gifts, and love cards are important, but you could do something better. A trip to Telluride is up for grabs. With its chilled weather, incredible downtown, and multiple activities to explore, the region makes a good choice for this year’s Valentine’s. Here’s what to expect from Valentine’s getaway to Telluride.  

Valentine’s Getaway to Telluride

Telluride is a nature lover’s paradise for several reasons. First, it is home to multiple forested mountains that breathe fresh air. One of the best ways to explore all that this region has to offer is by snowshoeing. Whether you decide to stroll around downtown or go up the mountains, you can be sure of an entertaining day out there. Going up these mountains with your partner by your side means you have the right support system you would need to overcome your fears. Enjoying the snowy surroundings completes the whole experience.  

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A Gondola Ride Works Wonders

While snowshoeing is good for your Telluride adventure, it gets to a point where your body can’t take the activity anymore. It is at this point that the Telluride Gondola ride comes in handy. This ride helps you ascend the mountains systematically without breaking a sweat. The views from up there are worth it all for a Valentine’s Day adventure. The journey to the top has an elevation gain of above 10,000 feet, which comes with a chance to explore the beautiful sceneries up there.   

Spend a Day in the Hot Springs

With Colorado’s unrelenting winter, it can sometimes get too cold for you to explore the outdoors comfortably. Even then, there is at least one more activity to keep you moving as a couple. A spa day in the hot springs is something you need to consider for your Telluride adventure. Apart from keeping your body warm, it is a good way to rejuvenate and keep fresh. Instead of spending a fortune in the spa, this technique is just as effective. Taking a dip in the natural springs also opens your pores, leading to glowing skin. While the closest one is a bit of a drive it is well worth it! Head to Ridgeway and experience the Orvis Hot Springs. 

Attend a Skiing Class Together

Any day is a skiing day in Colorado. If you have never been to a ski resort before, this year’s Valentine’s Day escape presents the best opportunity to have a feel of this wonderful sport. Skiing classes are offered all over and the basics are easy to understand. It won’t take long before you and your partner are sliding down the slopes like professionals. Make your reservations soon! 

Spoil Each Other with Gifts

Although love reigns every day, Valentine’s presents the best day for you to show it more to your partner. Booking a vacation far away from home alone isn’t enough for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Buying gifts for one another complete the missing part. The gifts this time around go beyond the usual flowers and cards. Downtown Telluride is lined with multiple high-end boutiques and luxury shopping avenues where you can get a befitting gift for your partner. Whether it is jewelry, designer clothes, or perfume, make your partner feel appreciated.  

Book a Diner Date

Beyond the gondola rides and skiing, there is something more engaging you can do to add a little taste to your Telluride Valentine’s experience. Valentine’s diner in Telluride is more than just the food. Live musical events and photo sessions are all part of the plan. The area is served by multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global delicacies. If you don’t mind a noisy environment for this special day, downtown is best suited for you. For people who like a laidback kind of lifestyle away from the chaos of everyday life, resorts in the rugged forested area will do. Whether you fancy something simple like a mug of coffee or more complex exotic dishes, the area has it all. Most Valentine’s Day celebrations are paired with a glass of wine. Sip your favorite drinks as you dance the night away with your partner. Make your dining reservations now! 

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Where to Stay in Telluride

Vacationing in Telluride gives you the perfect chance to spoil your romantic partner. If you are looking for a place to call home as you celebrate Valentine’s, Accommodations in Telluride has you covered. Do you want it downtown or up there in the Mountain Village? Our wide portfolio of properties allows you to choose what works best for your case. Our professional team engages you throughout your stay with suggestions on the best things to explore in the area. Contact us today for more information. 

Telluride is one of Colorado’s top destinations for adventure. The town’s unique architecture, fascinating history, and scenic mountainous landscape make it an adventure paradise. Amidst this thrill-filled atmosphere is 131 Nimbus, an exquisite 2-bedroom, 2-bath Telluride vacation condo rental. This striking condominium relays luxury and coziness amid remarkable woody vegetation and peaks as its backdrop. Apart from uniqueness, the vacation rental features multiple excellent amenities that enhance comfort and convenience. You can rest assured that staying in this impressive vacation abode will make your vacation experience memorable. Here’s why you should book this striking condominium. 

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Property Walkthrough: 131 Nimbus

131 Nimbus exudes style in the interior as much as the exterior. The condo features two levels, with the living room and kitchen occupying the upper level. Its living room packs simplicity and luxury, bundling the aspects to create a beautiful space. Large windows provide unmatched views of the majestic natural features in the distance. You can enjoy the views of the iconic end of Telluride Valley and Sunshine Peak in the comfort of this living room. While still on comfort, the area also features dark grey plush sofas with throw pillows. You can lounge in this area, enjoying a cup of coffee and views of Telluride’s mountainous landscape. 

The living room area also incorporates excellent ventilation and lighting. The lighting balance makes up for a pleasant stay through the beamed ceiling with ceiling spotlights. The wooden flooring also improves comfort as it’s comfortable to use any time of the year. 

Since 131 Nimbus applies an open floor plan in its design, the kitchen area is close to the living room. Like in the living room, amazing views of the striking Telluride abound in this space too. In a nutshell, the relaxing and luxurious mood set by the living room’s décor infectiously spreads into this area. Besides, lying upstairs, the level with a vantage point in the condo, the kitchen consists of maple wood cabinets that blend with the cookware and kitchenette’s interior design.  

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The conducive setup, excellent furnishings, and reliable cookware make cooking in this kitchenette a fun experience. You can bake using the conventional oven and enjoy it on the granite countertop with your loved ones. The kitchen also features a dishwasher, further making your work easier. Such a kitchenette lets you relish family time even while on vacation, meaning a home-cooked dinner is a possibility while on vacation in Telluride. 

The downstairs of this condo also claims a significant share of comfort and luxury. This part of the house houses two bedrooms capable of hosting up to six guests. The first bedroom features a king-size bed and a trundle. The beds have plush linen and sit idyllically close to the windows. You can rest in this bed enjoying the impressive mountain village and Telluride views. The other bedroom has a queen bed which also features comfy linen to ensure that your nights in Telluride are sound. 

The beds are just some of the things that make the bedrooms stand out. Other aspects, such as the large windows, art pieces, and a beamed ceiling, make these rooms perfect for a day’s rest. You can freely explore the exciting Telluride terrain and look forward to an earned rest in one of these rooms. The bedrooms also share a full bath, one of the two baths in the condo. The other bath is upstairs with a sink and a toilet. 

The Exterior

131 Nimbus majestically stands on a raised ground, surrounded by vegetation that stretches across Telluride’s terrain. As you make your way to this striking abode, you’ll notice that its design doesn’t wander far from the architectural brilliance employed in Telluride. First, its off-street parking means you can drive over without worrying about where to park your car. Secondly, its rustic design, bloated with windows, give out a perfect blend with the surrounding. From an outdoor perspective, 131 Nimbus exemplifies luxury and comfort in the woods. 

The condo’s vantage point is upstairs, where a deck full of deck chairs and a BBQ grill make up the main highlights. You can gather with your loved ones for a fantastic grilling session while enjoying the views popping from a distance. These vistas are even more impressive during autumn when the trees bloom into colorful fields of woody flora. The condo is also pet-friendly, with a minimum of one pet per visit allowed. Therefore, you can tag your furry friend for an unmatched vacation in this Colorado gem. 

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Book Your Stay at 131 Nimbus

Telluride is many things, and a fun-filled place is one of these things. This Colorado gem features an array of natural attractions that host numerous spots perfect for a fun-filled adventure. You can visit this former mining town to enjoy this fun and end your vacation days by relaxing at the luxurious 131 Nimbus. If you’re after such an experience, reach out to us to book your stay at 131 Nimbus. 

When planning a getaway to the majestic Mountain Village, Telluride, you can be sure of one thing; endless fun. Whether you are on a romantic escape or a family seeking to unwind far from the hustle and bustle of city life, this haven welcomes all. It has everything from riding the free Gondola to exploring the tempting restaurants and fabulous hotels. But we can’t discuss accommodations without acknowledging the gorgeous Outlaws #7A. This holiday rental features two bedrooms and two bathrooms that can comfortably house up to four guests. From the generous amenities offered to ensure your comfort to the nearby attractions, you won’t regret your stay at the glorious Outlaws #7A. See why booking this Telluride vacation rental is a must-have on your itinerary.

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Property Walkthrough: Outlaws #7A

Are you intending to travel by road but having second thoughts concerning parking space? You don’t have to worry. The first thing you will notice as you drive through this fantastic rental is the garage ensuring your vehicle is well secured. As you make your way up the sturdy welcoming staircase, the scenery from the scenic mountain calms and makes you feel at peace. In the living room, you will notice a large window that allows fresh air and enough light into the room. There is also a comfy sofa you can cuddle on with your significant other or sit on the armchair facing the flat-screen TV. With the wireless internet available, you don’t have to feel disconnected from the outside world. You can stay updated with the headlines, catch up with your folks, streamline your favorite shows, or bond over a movie. If you are a social media devotee, you can stay online and share your stunning holiday selfies with your online buddies.

Though most people associate vacations with restaurants and eating out, it doesn’t always have to be the case. This fantastic vacation home features a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, cookware, and everything else you need to prepare mouthwatering homemade meals for your companions. With the brown wooden cabinets complimenting the brown wooden door and the white wall and ceiling, this spot oozes nothing but serenity. The good news is that the kitchen is spacious and boasts a bar seating area where your partner can keep you company as you chat over a flavorsome drink alongside cooking. With the availability of a fridge, you don’t have to worry about leftovers. You can warm your food from the microwave at your convenience.

Are you too tired to wash the dishes? You don’t have to fret. There is a dishwasher that guarantees nothing but comfort throughout your stay. Adjacent to the kitchen is the inviting dining area where you can fill your bellies with delectable delicacies. There is more; a sliding door leading to the deck allows you to admire the panoramic mountain view from the comfort of your seat. Is connecting over an outdoor meal on your bucket list? Then you are at the right place. On the deck is a gas grill that is impossible not to notice. When you are not grilling, you can sit with your loved ones and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee as you breathe the fresh air. You can also have a quiet time and commune with nature or meditate. Whatever will make your stay here memorable, you can be sure to tick it off your list.

Telluride has engaging activities begging exploration. But after a long day, having some aches and being weary is expected. What better way to calm your nerves than to have a warm, soothing shower? This magnificent rental home has sparkling bathrooms with bathtubs that will rejuvenate you. That’s not all; there is a hair dryer that ensures you don’t get a cold from wet hair. Here is more; you don’t have to carry your dirty clothes back. There is a washer and dryer that you can use whenever you need to ensure you leave this majestic place clean.

When it’s time to get a night of good sleep, the master bedroom has everything to provide you with the comfort you need. The luxurious bed is clean with world-class bedding that exudes the perfect aura for the night. The white wall perfectly blends with the stunning art, giving this room a classy touch. There is a TV mounted on the wall facing you. You can have a quiet romantic night as you cuddle and enjoy a movie if you wish to. If you have unfinished work, there is a chair and a desk that you can turn into a small office and meet your deadlines. As earlier mentioned, this is a two-bedroom house. The other bedroom is fully furnished with twin beds and a window providing a spectacular view.

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If you want to make your vacation getaway to Telluride feel authentic for the area you need to book one of our Telluride cabin rentals. No, our cabins are not run-down buildings that skip out on luxury features and amenities. Instead, our cabin rentals are highly desirable homes that offer a cabin aesthetic and feature high-end features. Cabin on Adams Ranch is one such property that is located near the golf course in Mountain Village and will keep you comfortable during every night of your stay. Take a look at what is offered inside this luxury property: 

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Charming Telluride Cabin Rental in the Woods

Whenever you arrive at Cabin on Adams Ranch you will be instantly in love with the property. This charming cabin features a natural rock exterior, rustic steel roofing, and a surrounding patio deck. Cabin on Adams Ranch is surrounded by a lush forest area so you will have plenty of privacy while still being close to nearby attractions. Cabin on Adams Ranch is a single-story home providing plenty of space inside.  Guests can enter the property from the primary entryway on the patio. 

Inside guests will see firsthand how charming the property is with its cabin aesthetics. The interior features natural wood flooring, natural wood ceiling, and ceiling beams, and natural rock centerpieces such as the spacious fireplace. Cabin on Adams Ranch offers an open floor plan that connects all primary living spaces together in one large setting. The traditional living room space offers an area where you can relax before or after you explore what Telluride has to offer. Here guests will find comfortable furniture such as a leather sofa to lay back on. The huge gas fireplace will keep you warm all winter long and also features a large flat-screen TV. Turn around and you will find the gourmet kitchen waiting for you. This room features beautiful black granite countertops, natural oak cabinets, and full-size appliances. Guests will also find the room to be stocked with all of the essential cooking supplies you need to prepare a meal. Once you are ready to eat, a natural wood dining room table is off to the side with direct views through the windows into the open forest. The skylights in the open concept area provide plenty of natural daylight during the day.  

Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

The master suite is an elegant bedroom complete with vaulted ceilings and glass doors. Guests in this room will fall in love with the corner stone fireplace that keeps the room warm. The queen-size bed is fitted with fine linens that will whisk you off to a relaxing night of sleep. Guests will also find an en suite bathroom here in the room complete with a jetted soaking tub to relax in. There is also an additional loft just outside of the room where guests can find dual twin beds. Cabin on Adams Ranch features an additional two bedrooms to round out the sleeping arrangements. The first guest bedroom comes with a queen size bed and fine lines. The second guest room is perfect for children as it features two twin beds. Both rooms come with an en suite bathroom so everyone has plenty of privacy when getting ready in the morning. All of this allows up to 8 guests to comfortably stay at once whenever they reserve Cabin on Adams Ranch.  

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Outdoor Fun 

Cabin on Adams Ranch has plenty of incredible features located on the exterior of the home. The spacious deck that surrounds the home has great views that overlook the forest. You can soak up in the hot tub that is perfect for after an exciting day of hitting the slopes. The gas grill allows you to cook up a steak to perfection. Cabin on Adams Ranch is located just across the way from Telluride Golf Course where you can find the perfect spot for an 18-hole round of golf. Driving into Downtown Telluride is especially easy and won’t take long at all. Make sure to visit the downtown neighborhood to find all of the best shops and restaurants here in the area. Telluride Ski Resort offers some of the finest ski slopes in the entire state. This spacious resort offers virtually no lines at the ski lifts and the sun shines over 300 days a year making for the perfect skiing weather in the winter. Now that is one great way to experience Telluride. 

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Cabin on Adams Ranch is just one of our many vacation rentals located here in Telluride. Make sure to book this highly desirable property well in advance, especially during our busier winter seasons. Come see why Telluride continues to be the premier Colorado destination year after year.  Contact us today!

Telluride has all of the fun and excitement that you could ever want from a vacation getaway. Our Colorado home will keep you entertained from start to finish. What is always important when planning for your next vacation getaway is finding the perfect lodging for you and your family. You can find the most comfortable stay in Telluride when you book one of our Telluride vacation rentals. You can choose from historic homes that have been in the area for decades or a brand new build that does not hold back on the amenities. For a comfortable stay in a historic building, you cannot go wrong with Pick N Gad.

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Telluride Vacation Rentals

Pick N Gad is the perfect vacation rental for those who want to stay inside a historic building in Telluride such as the ‘Pick and Gad’ Building. Here guests will enjoy a brand new remodel that provides you with all of the amenities of a brand new home. Guests will be just right off the main street in town so all kinds of activities will be nearby.

Guests will fall in love with Pick N Gad the moment they step foot inside. This 3-level condo will welcome you with a cozy little den area. The property feels like an authentic New York-style flat with elevated ceilings. Enjoy the rustic furniture such as antique bookcases and the wood stove oven. The comfortable sofa and loveseat will have you relaxing in no time after spending a day exploring the area or trying out the winter sports. The back patio porch is just a few steps away where you can enjoy the beautiful Telluride weather. Just up a half flight of stairs guests will find the full-size kitchen where you can whip up a meal. The room features full-size appliances such as a dishwasher, stove/oven combo, and refrigerator. There is plenty of countertop space where you can prepare everything at once. Check out the cabinets to find all of the cooking ware you need to make your feast. The dining room table can be found back on the first floor. Pick N Gad can be your home away from home here in Telluride.

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Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Pick N Gad is the perfect place to reserve when you are traveling with the whole family or with friends. It comes with five full-size bedrooms allowing up to 10 guests to comfortably stay at once. The first bedroom can be found on the lower level and is a beautiful suite. It comes with a private bathroom and has a separate entrance out to the backyard. The second bedroom on the first floor is perfect for children with a twin-size bed and a trundle that pulls out. A hallway bathroom is shared between this bedroom and the living areas. The second floor comes with two bedrooms both featuring queen size beds. Another bathroom can be found on this floor shared between the bedrooms. The final bedroom of the property is the master suite located on the top floor of Pick N Gad. Here guests will find a huge king-size bed with fine linens and a flat-screen TV. The en suite bathroom comes with a shower/tub combo that has a streaming feature. Additional sleeping arrangements can be made with the huge couch in the living room along with an inflatable mattress. Enjoy rustic brick walls that are paired with modern renovations in the bedrooms and bright granite countertops in the bathrooms. Pick N Gad makes sure everyone has a comfortable night of sleep.

Additional Amenities

Of course, the reason to pick out your vacation rental does not stop at how many bedrooms and bathrooms you can find inside. Pick N Gad comes with plenty of additional features that will win you over. Guests will find a spacious patio deck out back where you can use the BBQ grill to help with dinner. The condo also features a cozy grass yard that is covered with shade from the trees. Everyone knows that finding a parking spot in any downtown neighborhood can be a challenge; Pick N Gad gets rid of that annoyance with its assigned parking spot off the street. Guests of Pick N Gad will be in the heart of Downtown Telluride so you will have plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Check out the library for a fun historic building or take a ride up to Mountain Village on the gondola. Telluride has everything you need for a great new adventure!

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Pick N Gad has all of your lodging needs taken care of inside this historic yet renovated condo right in the heart of Telluride. Make sure contact us to book this popular rental today before it is already reserved for your time in Telluride.

Now that the summer season is in full swing it is time to look for the perfect vacation getaway. Give yourself some time by exploring the many options you will have right here in Telluride. Our vacation homes in Telluride are the perfect spot to enjoy some wonderful summer activities. One of the best times to visit in summer is near the end of Labor Day weekend. Labor Day 2022 in Telluride has plenty for you to celebrate with right here in the city. Take a look at how to Spend Labor Day 2022 in Telluride:

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Telluride Film Festival

One of the biggest events that takes place in Telluride each year happens to fall on Labor Day weekend. Get ready for an exciting weekend with the Telluride Film Festival that happens every Labor Day weekend. Past years have been virtual events due to the pandemic but returned to an in-person festival experience last year. The 2022 Telluride Film Festival is expected to be at its finest once again with the town tripling in size. Join the thousands of other film buffs as they experience four days of film premiers and guest presentations. The 2022 Telluride Film Festival will feature guest directors with award-winning filmmakers Kantemir Balagov and Kira Kovalenko. Their films have won a collection of awards allowing them to be some of the tops in the field. The Telluride Film Festival provides a variety of passes to purchase depending on what kind of events you would like to take part in. The Cinephile Pass allows you to see classic films that have been restored and select new films. The Festival Pass is the most popular pass for those who want to have unlimited choices for their selection. At this time passes for the 2022 Telluride Film Festival have been sold out however a wait list is available to join. Simply email to inquire further. There are also opportunities to see some free things even if you don’t get a pass.

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Go Hiking

Outside of catching the latest films at the Telluride Film Festival you will also have a variety of summer activities to enjoy during your Labor Day weekend. Telluride offers some of the best ski slopes in the country. During the summer season, the snow has melted away allowing various hiking trails to open up. Perhaps the most famous trail to explore is Bridal Veil Falls. This relatively short trail will take you to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Hike up to mountain vistas with surrounding views of the entire area. Visitors can hike up to Bridal Veil Powerhouse for even better views up top. Bear Creek Trail is another popular trail that will have you walking alongside Bear Creek for beautiful forest views. You will eventually make your way to Bear Creek Falls to top it all off.

Hit the Local Breweries

Colorado is known for having some of the best craft breweries right here in the country. Make sure to cool things off during your Labor Day weekend stay by having a beer or two right in town. Telluride Brewing Company offers plenty of hand-crafted ales from lagers to IPAs. If you are looking for something a little harder make your way to Telluride Distilling Company. This local company offers hand-crafted spirits that can be used to make some delicious cocktails perfect for the warm summer weather. Don’t forget to arrive hungry too as they offer a menu that features a rotating wild game to try out. Come for the drinks and stay for the billiards and dart boards.

Try Some New Restaurants

Telluride is full of a variety of restaurants for you to try out during your Labor Day weekend plans. Fine dining has never tasted quite as good as it does at La Marmotte. This French cuisine restaurant has a creative menu with a romantic ambiance making it the ideal date spot. If you are looking for something the whole family will love, try out Smuggler Union Restaurant and Brewery. It features a gastropub menu complete with comfort food staples such as burgers and wings. Of course, being a brewery, they also offer hand-crafted beers for you to sip on too. Telluride has plenty of restaurants for you in the downtown block so simply take a stroll and see what entices you.

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Find the Perfect Labor Day Vacation Rental

Of course, no Labor Day weekend trip will ever be complete without a vacation rental to keep you comfortable all stay long. We offer various vacation rentals in Telluride. Find a cozy and modern condominium in the downtown area. Or rent a spacious home where everyone in the family can have a room. Each of our vacation rentals offers luxury amenities to keep you comfortable all stay long too. Contact us for your Labor Day fun!

The summer season is in full swing so the time is now for you to start planning for your Telluride vacation rental. Telluride is one of the top summer destinations year after year with exciting attractions and activities to enjoy in the area. Telluride is also home to many different events including a Fourth of July celebration. The Fourth of July holiday is the perfect excuse you need to come to visit Telluride for the first or tenth time. Take a look at what kind of festivities and activities you can enjoy for the holiday: 

Rundola: Telluride’s Fourth of July Race 

Many holidays throughout the year are celebrated with an exciting 5K or race. Telluride hosts its own Fourth of July race, the Rundola. This uphill foot race is the perfect way to get a sweat in before the festivities start later in the day. While the Rundola is only one mile in length the uphill race will make it more difficult than what you may be used to. Racers will be running parallel to the gondola so you will have plenty of views to take in. Do not miss out on Rundola taking place on July 4th 

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Fourth of July Parade 

Most cities across the country will be offering a Fourth of July parade to celebrate our nation’s birthday and Telluride is no different. Each year the annual Fourth of July Parade is put on in downtown Telluride. This annual event has been voted “The Best Small-Town Parade in America”. This treasured event is always eagerly awaited by locals and visitors alike. The event will have a variety of decorated floats along with food vendors. Come see this incredible patriotic event taking place at 11:00 AM on July 4th 

Red, White & Blues Fourth of July Celebration 

This year Mountain Village Town will be teaming up with Telluride for an incredible celebration with the Red, White & Blue Fourth of July Celebration. This free event is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Expect to find plenty of exciting activities including live blues music and plenty of vendors on hand. The Red, White & Blues Fourth of July Celebration will take place on July 3rd and 4th up in Mountain Village. Although make sure to note that the area is in a stage 1 fire band so there won’t be any campfires, fireworks, or charcoal grills at this time. 

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Telluride will also have other exciting events going on around the Fourth of July for you to enjoy as well. This includes MusicFest, a series of chamber music concerts taking place from June 25th to July 3rd. MusicFest brings some of the country’s finest classical music artists to Telluride for intimate performances held in a private residence. Each performance will have something different to offer and also include wine and appetizers for you to enjoy. The July 3rd performance will take place at 3:00 PM giving you plenty of time for any Fourth of July festivities you want to attend later in the day. 

Host a BBQ 

Nothing says Fourth of July quite like having the family over for a little BBQ to celebrate. You can continue any family traditions you have such as a BBQ right here in Telluride. Our vacation rentals will have everything you need for the perfect BBQ. Our full-size home rentals include spacious yards out back where you can relax at. Gas BBQ grills allow you to grill up the perfect burgers and hot dogs for your celebration. Most of these vacation rentals include plenty of patio furniture so you can enjoy your meal outside in the beautiful Colorado weather. Our vacation rentals come in a variety of sizes too from single-bedroom condos to multi-bedroom homes so the whole family can stay together at once. You won’t find a better stay anywhere in Telluride than our selection of exclusive properties in the area! 

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Outdoor Activities 

Take advantage of the wonderful summer season here in Telluride during your Fourth of July visit and enjoy some outdoor activities. Telluride has a plethora of exciting ways to spend your time in the area. There are several incredible trails that will take you to wonderful sights such as waterfalls and creeks. Hike up areas such as Bear Creek Trail and Basin Trail. Explore the surrounding area of Telluride including Mountain Village which is up in the nearby mountains. All you have to do is take the free gondola ride located in downtown Telluride that will take you all the way up. During your downtime visit local attractions such as the Telluride Historical Museum or the Telluride Opera House. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your summer vacation right here in Telluride! 

Book Today for Telluride 

All of these wonderful events and activities are waiting for you in Telluride this summer. Get ready for your Fourth of July plans by booking a stay in one of our vacation rentals today.  

As the spring season finally starts to wind down, we might be thinking of our next big vacation getaway. There is nothing better than hopping in your car and taking off on the perfect road trip. The early summer season is the perfect time to do such an event and Telluride should be your final destination. Telluride is an amazing vacation destination that offers a variety of exciting activities in the early summer season. Let us help you plan for the perfect early summer Colorado road trip to Telluride:

Ride Up to Gondola Village

The early summer season is the perfect time to see Telluride in all of its glory. Our winter and spring seasons see plenty of snowfall that covers the surrounding areas. With early summer comes warmer weather that melts the snow and provides clear views especially the higher up in elevation you go. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and ride up to Mountain Village located up in the San Juan Mountains. Getting there is extremely easy, simply hop on the free gondola located in the center of Downtown Telluride. This gondola will take you up over 9,000 feet in elevation to reach Mountain Village. Here you will find various shops and restaurants to browse. Reaching Mountain Village is always a welcome item on your road trip itinerary.

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Finding the Hiking Trails

Now that the snow has cleared up for the most part you will be able to find the once covered hiking trails. Telluride hiking trails will let you trek around the area and find some gorgeous views of the area. The melted snow also allows the local rivers and falls to be flowing at their best. With that combination in mind we recommend trekking down to Bear Creek Falls. Visitors will be able to start the trail just off South Pine Street in Telluride. Narrow cliffs and spacious open meadows align the trail for incredible views. Once you get to Bear Creek Falls you will see why it is one of the biggest natural attractions in the area. The water falls from over 1,000 feet high providing a spectacular sight. This is the perfect place too to relax with a picnic or soak up the early summer sunshine. Another popular trail is the Jud Wiebe Trail that features panoramic views of Bear Creek and Ajax Peak. You will be able to see the canyon bedrocks up close. It’s found on a 3-mile trail loop making it the perfect morning hike during your stay here in Telluride.

Find More Hiking Adventures in Telluride Here!

Drive the Million Dollar Highway

The views do not stop at the hiking trails found in Telluride. Since you have access to your vehicle it is well worth making the drive down the Million Dollar Highway. This stretch of highway has been named one of the most beautiful drives in the world. The name comes from the cost to build it, but the views make it more than worth it. Be careful driving down this winding road as the views can make it distracting when driving.

Find a Place to Grab a Drink

Since you have a few days here in town you might as well find the local watering holes. Telluride is home to Telluride Brewing Company that has won several awards since being founded in 2011. Visitors will be able to try out their fine selection of mainstay beers and even special seasonal offerings that rotate in throughout the year. Telluride Brewing Company is a must visit for craft beer enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike. Visitors can also find their favorite spirits and cocktails when they make a stop at Telluride Distilling Company. Hand crafted spirits made in the mountains just taste so much better. Don’t forget to grab bottles of your favorite brews and spirits to take back home whenever you visit these local favorites!

The Perfect Early Summer Vacation Rental

Having an incredible road trip to Telluride can be ruined if you do not plan for your lodging options in advance. Instead of booking a tiny hotel room where you have no room to move around, book one of our spacious vacation rentals. Each property is a privately owned home that features luxurious amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Book one of our spacious homes that feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms or pick out a cozy condominium that is located right in Downtown Telluride. There is no wrong option to pick out so find something you like in our selection and prepare for the best road trip ever!

Book Your Stay in Telluride

As you can see a road trip to Telluride has plenty to offer when you visit in the early summer. Our vacation rentals are available year round and the early summer season is one of the slower travel seasons giving you even more to choose from.

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If you are looking for a great time to see Telluride for either the first time or another adventurous weekend, make sure it’s around Memorial Day. This upcoming holiday signals the start of summer and offers plenty of exciting activities for you to enjoy. Many families are being cautious when planning their long overdue vacation. Luckily, our safe practices and spacious rentals will help ease your concerns. Take a look at how your Memorial Day 2021 vacation getaway can look in Telluride:

Safe and Clean Rentals in Telluride

It has been one heck of a year, and most have us have not been able to travel in months. As life returns to normal across the country, we still want to be as safe as possible when traveling. This is especially true for lodging that sees many visitors throughout the year. We take your safety as our highest priority with our selection of fine rentals. Each vacation rental is professionally cleaned before your arrival so there is no risk of contamination. Every surface of the interior will be disinfected, making for the cleanest lodging here in Telluride!

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Spacious Homes with Plenty of Room

Another great reason to visit Telluride this Memorial Day Weekend is the space each of our rentals have to offer. Local hotels offer little room for you and your family often making you book multiple rooms. Instead, reserve one of our vacation rentals that are full size homes. You will find spacious living areas, gourmet kitchens, and plenty bedrooms and bathrooms. Each room comes fully furnished and includes all the linens you will need. The kitchens have all the cutlery and cook ware you need to make you own meal if you are not comfortable with dining out yet.  Kick back and relax in these spacious homes!

Luxury Rental Amenities Every Time

You will not be able to say no to a Memorial Day getaway to Telluride when you see what each of our vacation rentals come prepared with. Our vacation rentals have a variety of luxury amenities that make them stand out among the competition. You will find that each home comes with a unique style and not the cookie cutter display of hotels and resorts. Comfortable furnishings such as sofas and beds will ensure your stay is comfortable. Flat screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi can help you unwind with your favorite show. The bathrooms come with spacious tubs and the necessary toiletries you need. You will notice the yards offer plenty of space where the kids can run around and play. Patio decks offer room to sit out in the summer sun or cook up a BBQ. Some of our finest homes even feature game rooms, hot tubs, and are just steps away from local attractions. Now that is how you stay in style here in Telluride!

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Outdoor Summer Activities

Memorial Day Weekend is when the summer season kicks into full gear here in Telluride. You will find an endless supply of fun and excitement when you visit around this time of year. Telluride is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground with plenty of options for entertainment in nature. There are nearly endless miles of trails just outside of the town. Hiking and biking let you explore the wilderness with incredible views of mountains, rivers, and lakes. The fish are always biting here in Telluride, so make sure to try your hand at some fly fishing. Local shops can help get you the supplies you need to reel up your own trophy catch! Try your hand at horseback riding with local purveyors. There are plenty of other fun ways to explore the outdoors than just on foot. Book an ATV tour where you can drive over hills and get a little extreme. Kayaks are the perfect way to explore Telluride by water; rentals allow you to find a kayak for a variety of hours. Don’t forget about the local golf courses and skate parks too. There is something for everyone outdoors here in Telluride!

Downtown Telluride Fun

Make sure to get out and explore the historic downtown Telluride during your Memorial Day stay. Main street offers up plenty of fun with several different shops and restaurants to browse. Local restaurants currently offer outdoor dining and take out services giving you plenty of ways to try their delicious food. Ride the gondola from downtown Telluride up the mountain for incredible views of the valley. There is no shortage of fun in Telluride this Memorial Day Weekend!

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Mountainfilm Festival

Every Memorial Day Weekend, Mountainfilm graces Telluride with a unique documentary film festival designed to highlight important environmental, political, and cultural issues, among others. These nonfiction films help drive awareness and effect change, but beyond that, Mountainfilm brings people together in a way few events truly can. The festival includes free community events, interactive talks, outdoor presentations, and much more. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed this year’s festivities, but you can still participate in Mountainfilm Online by purchasing an online pass from the festival website. While this year’s event will be mostly virtual, there will be a select few programs happening over Memorial Day Weekend in Telluride open via online reservation.

Book One of Our Memorial Day Rentals Today

The best way to plan for your safe and exciting Memorial Day trip is by reserving one of our exclusive rentals in Telluride. Our outdoor paradise offers plenty of fun under the sun. Get ready for your best Memorial Day celebration yet!

No matter what time of year you visit Telluride, you will experience an incredible vacation getaway. Our Colorado town is home to seasonal activities such as skiing, hiking, and more. Traveling has been more difficult this past year, but things are starting to look up. Take your family on the long-delayed vacation they deserve this spring season. Easter is just around the corner and is a perfect time to visit. You can enjoy the last of Telluride’s incredible ski season and find unique ways to celebrate the Easter holiday. Take a look at why it is the perfect time to plan for an Easter getaway to Telluride:

End of an Incredible Winter Season

It has been a much colder winter this year for many parts of the country. While some areas have struggled with the freezing temperatures, it has only helped the ski season up here in Telluride. We have experienced plenty of snow that makes for incredible ski runs on the local mountains. The ski season is anticipated to close for the 2020-2021 season on April 4th, 2021. An Easter getaway to Telluride will help you enjoy one last run down our incredible ski slopes. Since most skiers visit at the open of the season, you may be able to avoid the larger crowds of late winter. Take advantage of your Easter holiday for some fun skiing!

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Safe and Clean Vacation Rentals

Many families have been putting off their travel plans for the plan due to the events of 2020. Fortunately, most states, including Colorado, have implemented significant safety standards to ensure everyone who visits will remain safe. This starts with our selection of premier vacation rentals right here in Telluride. No one wants to stay in lodging that is not cleaned. Our vacation rentals are professionally cleaned before your arrival. You will find the homes to be in perfect shape and ready to host your stay. Take advantage of our exclusive properties so you can enjoy your vacation worry free.

Easter Rental Features

No one wants to stay in a tiny hotel room when they haven’t traveled in months. When you select one of our vacation rentals, you will have plenty of properties from which to choose. We feature properties such as condos and full-size homes. Smaller families may wish to stay in the heart of downtown in a trendy condo. Families with multiple children or extended family with them may want to enjoy more space in our full-size Telluride homes. Pick and choose which features you want your rental to have for your Easter stay. Full size bedrooms and bathrooms let everyone in your party have plenty of privacy and space.

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Easter Rental Amenities

Our vacation rentals vary in size and features but will come equipped with all the amenities you expect from a full-size home. Each rental offers full-size rooms, comfortable furnishings, fresh linens, and essential toiletries. You will find spacious kitchens with plenty of room to cook up an Easter feast. Patios and decks allow you to take in the fresh Colorado air. Flat screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi let you stay connected to your favorite streaming services and allow the children to keep up with schoolwork. We also offer rentals in exclusive areas such as Mountain Village. Our luxury vacation rentals come with even more pleasant surprises. These homes come with extravagant layouts and bold designs. Enjoy game rooms where the family can spend hours. Hot tubs will let you soak and warm up your muscles after enjoying the ski slopes. There is no end to the wonderful surprises you will experience in our vacation rentals.

Exciting Activities in Telluride for Easter

While many large events have been shelved for the year, you will still find plenty of fun in Telluride. Take your kids on an outdoor adventure by hiking the many incredible trails. If the ski season is open for its final weekend, take them up the mountain for some winter sports. Telluride Ski Resort will often host an Easter egg hunt perfect for smaller children. Many local restaurants are starting to offer dine-in services, letting you enjoy an Easter brunch; if you don’t feel comfortable dining in at restaurants, many still offer takeout services to bring back to your vacation rental. Take your kids up on the Mountain Village gondola where they can see the valley from up in the air! There are so many ways to have a blast in Telluride.

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Start Planning for Telluride

It is time to finally take the much-deserved vacation you have been looking forward to for so long. Act now, as the season is quickly coming to an end; Telluride enters the off-season on the 5th, and the gondola, along with many restaurants and shops, will be closing. Reserve one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area today to have the best Easter yet!