One of the most desirable methods of transportation and exploration here in breathtaking Telluride, Colorado, is a Jeep (or an alike 4×4 vehicle). There are several enthralling mountain passes scattered throughout the landscape, mainly south and east of our petite slice of San Juan Mountain heaven. Very few thrills rival the feeling one gains while scaling a narrow, steep mountain pass at an elevation teetering around 13,000 feet above sea level. As you can imagine, these passes can be quite intimidating, so we highly recommend joining one of the valley’s most prized Telluride Jeep tours if you’re a first-timer. And remember: Accommodations in Telluride has a luxurious condo waiting for you and your crew once those mid-day adventures are complete.

Self-Guided Telluride Jeep Tours

Two reputable companies offer state-of-the-art Telluride Jeep rentals: Colorado145 and Telluride Outfitters. Colorado145’s 2020 models are, for obvious reasons, a hot commodity during summer’s radiance and autumn’s peak. These 2020 Rubicons are sleek and shiny, yes. But, most importantly, they’re equipped with high-grade GPS’s, heated leather seats, and stabilizing sway bars. Full-day Telluride Jeep rentals typically run in the $350 range.

Photo Illustration of One of Our Backcountry Telluride Jeep Tours.Now, renting a 4×4 means that you’ll have to navigate the terrain without the help of a guide. Most self-guided Telluride Jeep tours utilize approximately a dozen roads, including Imogene Pass (featuring an elevation of 13,114 feet), Ophir Pass (home to jaw-dropping snowpack), and Black Bear Pass (which meanders past Bridal Veil Falls).

Click the links below for information about the most beloved self-guided Telluride Jeep tours:

Guided 4×4 Tours

Not everyone has the courage to scale a steep, rocky pass to the top of a snow-capped mountain. Thus, two local companies offer affordable Telluride Jeep tours: Telluride Outside and Telluride Offroad Adventures. While both thrill-based companies travel to many of the same destinations, the 4×4 vehicles couldn’t be any more dissimilar. Telluride Outside operates out of white Chevy trucks, while Offroad Adventures boasts a small fleet of eye-popping, bumblebee-yellow Swiss Army Pinzgauers. The military-style Pinzgauers are an attraction all by themselves. Common destinations include long-forgotten ghost towns, old mining sites, panoramic mountain overlooks, and, yes, many of the most popular Jeep trails in Telluride.

Downtown Telluride Luxury Rentals

Photo of an Accommodation in Telluride, Minutes from Self-Guided Telluride Jeep Tours.The easiest way to find a condo or home that suits your group’s size, style, and budget is to browse our growing selection of Telluride lodging, ranging from the sleek “River Song” to downtown’s Bachman Village. We boast vacation rentals in the Town of Telluride and neighboring Mountain Village. Regardless of which unit catches your eye, you’ll always be steps from the area’s finest barsmountain hikesbike trails, and, of course, a self-guided Telluride Jeep tour. Please give us a call today at 866-754-8772 to book a well-deserved escape into Colorado’s sprawling San Juan Mountains (or check availability online).