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Telluride 4×4 Tours

The great outdoors of Colorado and its beautiful four-seasons scenery are not to be missed. While the white-capped mountains of winter are exhilarating for snow sports enthusiasts, those who prefer to traverse the mountains of Colorado without snow and in a different way will love one of the Telluride 4×4 tours of the area’s best landscapes that may be less accessible on foot.


When many people think 4×4 or off-roading, they think of open-air jeeps. Depending on the company you choose, you’ll ride in one of these classic jeeps, a specially-made Chevy truck customized for a great ride and optimum safety, or even a Swiss Army “Pinzguaer” – a mountain vehicle with 14 inches of ground clearance, low gearing, and narrow width – all great characteristics of an off-road vehicle.


Many of Telluride’s 4×4 tour companies visit some of the most popular stops for first time and experienced off-roaders. Imogene Pass takes riders up over 13,000 feet and visit the Tomboy Ghost Town on an easier climb than other routes. Ophir Pass takes you to the ghost town of Alta, where the first alternating currency electricity in the world was installed. Black Bear Pass is advised for more experienced off-roaders and takes riders to the Black Bear Basin, down the “stair steps” and under Ingram Falls and around Bridal Veil Falls – Colorado’s highest waterfall. Other stops include Last Dollar Road, Illium Road/Ames, and others. Half-day trips are approximately four hours.


If you’re an experienced off-roader, there are companies that also rent vehicles so you can create your own experience outside of packages offered by the various tour companies in the area. If you plan to head out on your own, make sure you know the status of the mountain passes you intend to explore, and make sure you watch out for runners, hikers, bikers, and other off-road vehicles while driving.

Sunset Tour

For a ride that features all of Colorado’s beauty along with a colorful sunset, many companies offer sunset Telluride 4×4 tours. Meeting times vary depending on sunset time. You’ll enjoy many of the stops daytime tours make, including Alta ghost town, Tomboy Mine, Bridal Veil Falls, and Last Dollar Road. Sunset tours are typically shorter, no longer than three hours.

The Great Outdoors of Telluride

As you plan your 4×4 adventures, don’t forget to book a vacation rental with Vacation Telluride as your home base. Choose from a cozy one-bedroom all the way up to a five-bedroom unit. If you’re not tired from plenty of fresh mountain air and sun, make a home-cooked meal in the fully equipped kitchen. After the meal, stretch out and relax in a private bedroom or open living space, or enjoy a little more sun in a private outdoor space. There’s something right for you and your Colorado 4×4 adventure.

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