It’s the time most locals and seasonal workers pray for: offseason. After working “clopens”, doubles, weeks of consecutive shifts. Heading into the last week of the ski season, it is a time for goodbyes and see you next winters.

Despite the town pretty much closing down and Mountain Village turning into a lost ghost town. (There is a movie about it, seriously. You can find it on YouTube. It’s called the “Lost People of Mountain Village”). Shoulder season in Telluride is an inexpensive time to visit the box canyon, but there are a few things you should know before booking that flight.

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First of all, most restaurants and shops close when the mountain closes on April 8th and remain closed until Memorial Day Weekend. The free gondola that connects Telluride to Mountain Village is also closed during that period. How do you get from one to the other one may ask? The free galloping goose shuttle, of course. Beginning April 8, 2019 and the through the shoulder season, “The Goose” will run regularly to Mountain Village and Lawson Hill from Telluride daily. Please remember, it runs less often the weekends than during the work week. Visit Town of Mountain Village Website for an offseason schedule. Check out the Visit Telluride Website for all open restaurants.

Many activities can be found around the area for day trips. Just a quick 45-minute drive will get you to the lovely town of Ridgway, home of the Grammy. From Ridgway, it is a hop, skip, and a jump to the Ice Climbing paradise that is Ouray.

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Memorial Day is not the official start, but it when the town starts to come back to life. That weekend is home to the annual Mountain Film Festival. Most restaurants and shops will open their doors to the new summer crowd. Not to mention, the great food carts will be back. I’m looking at you, Grilled Cheese Cart.

Telluride is a great place to visit, no matter the time of year. If you are looking to due it on a budget, shoulder season may be for you. Please see our Special’s Page for more info!