Breakfast in TelluridePerhaps the most underrated aspect of a skiing, mountain biking, or sightseeing excursion to the Town of Telluride is the growing culinary scene. Within minutes of the top-rated Accommodations in Telluride, outdoor enthusiasts can discover everything from luxuriant French cuisine to bustling brewpubs. That being said, finding a hearty, well-balanced breakfast in Telluride isn’t a cinch as only a handful of eateries do it right. But, luckily for you, we’ve pieced together a handy list of our favorite breakfast joints that specialize in gourmet toast, to-go pastries, Southwestern omelets, and so much more!

Breakfast in Telluride, an Eclectic Culinary Journey

There’s such a unique array of early-morning eats in our mountainside community, including traditional breakfast fare, mouthwatering Mexican delights, and delectable grab-and-go pastries. It’s worth noting that most of our Telluride luxury rentals feature full kitchens. However, we recommend taking a break from the kitchen for a day or two during your well-deserved vacation. Without further ado, here’s the best breakfast in Telluride.

The Butcher & Baker Cafe

The most popular cafe in downtown Telluride is, far and away, The Butcher & Baker Cafe. Travelers will be pleased by The Butcher’s sleek interior, idyllic location, and extensive breakfast menu. The towering breakfast sandwiches are worth the stop alone, particularly the monster Day Maker Sandwich, a salivating combination of egg, sausage, pepper jam, and arugula.

Breakfast in Telluride

Baked in Telluride

As you can imagine, a lot of skiers, cyclists, and backpackers prefer to rise with the sun and start exploring the region as soon as possible. Therefore, they need a quick, handheld breakfast option to suit their vacation lifestyle—that’s where Baked in Telluride comes in handy! Peeping through their glass display case filled with gigantic cookies, colorful doughnuts, seeded bagels, fresh-made croissants, and fruit-infused scones is perhaps the best part of the experience.

La Cocina de Luz

La Cocina de Luz serves the best eggs in town. Enough said. Lovers of Mexican and Southwestern breakfast will be blown away by La Cocina’s culinary delights, especially the huevos con machaca and green chili cheese omelet. The award-winning culinary team at La Cocina utilizes local, organic products and modern practices. The end result is delicious in every sense of the word—it’s Telluride breakfast at its finest.

Luxurious Telluride Vacation Rentals

Couples, families, and groups continuously flock to the Town of Telluride to partake in a wide variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, fishing, and hiking. In fact, we recently wrote about the area’s budding craft beer and snowmobile scenes. Don’t forget to browse through our extensive collection of Telluride condos, where you can craft the best homemade breakfast in Telluride each morning! Please give us a call today at 970-728-4831 to speak with a member of our team (or check availability online).