Photo of Bridal Veil Falls, One of the Prettiest Telluride HikesThe Town of Telluride’s beauty is often overlooked because of its world-class alpine skiing, backcountry snowmobiling, summer music festivals, and trendy bars. During summer’s golden haze, however, very few sights in North America rival the jagged, snow-capped San Juan Mountains that enclose Telluride and neighboring Mountain Village. And, while there are many ways to explore this picturesque Victorian mining town, nothing tops a good, old-fashioned hike. Incredibly, Accommodations in Telluride boasts a variety of sleek condos, modern homes, and ski ranches within walking distance of some of the most alluring Telluride hikes.

5 Quintessential Telluride Hikes

It doesn’t take a sleuth to locate a dozen or so Telluride hikes via smartphone. You could practically throw a dart at a map of the area and land on a mountainside trail. That being said, it’s critical to hand-select a small number of routes that best suit your group’s size and skill level. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the area’s prettiest Telluride hikes, most of which can be accessed in or on the outskirts of town.

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1. Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail’s natural beauty is only outmatched by its convenience. Hikers can pick up the moderately-challenging, 4.5-mile trail from downtown, thus, making it one of the two most popular Telluride hikes. Don’t forget to snap photos of the skyscraping rock cliffs, lush aspens, and serene trailside waterfall.

Photo of Bridal Veil Falls, One of the Prettiest Telluride Hikes

2. Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Pictures don’t quite do Bridal Veil Falls justice. It’s no secret that the destination is much more appealing than the trip itself. But, once you reach the pinnacle of the trail, there are countless heart-melting vantage points of the falls.

3. Hope Lake Trail

Hope Lake Trail does require a bit of a drive from our modern Telluride Condos. However, it’s well worth the trip, especially for those who cannot resist the urge of a lakeside picnic on a mountaintop. The trail does feature some vibrant flora, cascading waterfalls, and unique, iron-rich mountain formations.

4. Jud Wiebe Memorial Trail

Jud Wiebe Memorial is arguably the most visited of these five Telluride hikes, primarily because it’s only three miles in length. Despite a 1,200-foot elevation gain, dog walkers, joggers, and families frequent this trail. That doesn’t mean that Jud Wiebe Memorial is a walk in the park, however. At its furthest point, you’ll obtain breathtaking views of Telluride and the towering San Juan Mountains that lord above the community.

5. Ajax Peak

Ajax Peak is less frequented than most neighboring trails. But, of course, it’s an incredibly-challenging, 10.6-mile journey that most hikers couldn’t dream of conquering. Experienced thrillseekers often combine a trek up Telluride Via Ferrata with this pulse-pounding hike.

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