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Best Times to Visit Telluride CO

Though it’s primarily known as a world-class ski destination, Telluride also offers a charming mountain town scene and a host of other outdoor activity options. While winter may seem like the obvious choice for visiting Telluride for its ski conditions, there are many times throughout the year this mountain town is a worthy destination. When planning your getaway, consider these best times to visit Telluride CO!

To Avoid the Crowds: Off-Season

Peak tourism season in Telluride is mid-June to August and again from mid-November to early April. This is when the snow is at its best for skiing or during summer months, the trails are clear and the weather is warm for other outdoor activities and festivals. To avoid the crowds and higher prices, consider planning your Telluride trip outside these busier seasons. However, keep in mind that some amenities are closed outside of peak travel seasons.

For Fall Colors: September

Falling outside of peak tourism season, September is a great time to visit Telluride thanks to its fall colors and warm temperatures. The best time to catch the trees around Telluride ablaze with color begins in mid- to late-September and lasts for around three weeks. And with temperatures still in the mid- to high-60s throughout September, you’ll find comfortable weather for enjoying outdoor activities.

For Snow Sports: January-March

Ski season in Telluride usually begins at the end of November and extends through the beginning of April. To hit the slopes when there’s maximum snow, consider planning your ski trip for the peak months of January, February, or March. Thanks to Telluride’s high elevation and many north-facing slopes, the slopes see very little direct sunlight and retain their pristine conditions well into the season.

For Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting: Mid-April to Early June

As the snow begins to melt, you’ll find the waterways around Telluride reaping the benefits. Spring is a great time for trying out adventurous water sports such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Some hiking trails may also be accessible in spring, though you should be prepared to encounter muddy conditions.

For Festivals, Hiking, & Biking: Summer

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival attracts music lovers from all around during summer months, and you’ll find many other festivals dotting the town’s calendar. Mid-June through August are also ideal months for hiking and biking, after the spring mud has cleared and the temperatures have warmed.

Especially if you plan to vacation in Telluride during peak tourism seasons, be sure to secure your Telluride accommodations in advance!