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Top Things You May Not Know About Telluride

You may know Telluride for its epic ski runs, famed Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and breathtaking mountain views, but there’s more to discover in this mountain town. From quirky drinks to budget-friendly transportation, here is some of the best Telluride info you may not know about Colorado’s favorite mountain town.

The Transportation Is Free

While you may expect amenities to be overpriced in this ski resort destination, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that much of the transportation is free. Known for paving the way as the first free public transportation of its kind in the United States, the Gondola transports passengers from Telluride to Mountain Village. Faster than driving, this 13-minute ride is not only a free means of transportation, but it also provides spectacular scenic views of the surrounding area. Sit back and relax as you’re whisked up and over 10,500-foot Coonskin Ridge, gazing out over panoramic views of the San Juan Mountains, aspen-dotted slopes, and sparkling waterfalls. With racks for skis, snowboards, and bikes, and the availability of pet-friendly cars, everyone can take advantage of this means of transportation. As an added bonus, the Galloping Goose, Telluride’s town bus system, also offers free loop service throughout town. With these free transportation options, getting around Telluride is quick and convenient!

Bourbon & Bacon Go Together in Telluride

This may seem like an unusual combination, but it’s one you may not be able to give up once you’ve tried it. Before hopping on Chair 8, pop into Oak, the New Fat Alley for a drink. As the original creators of the Mitch Morgan, there’s no better place to try this memorable drink than straight from the source. The Mitch Morgan consists of a shot of bourbon rimmed with bacon fat and garnished with a generous strip of bacon. With plenty of food options on the menu, this is a good place to fuel up before or after hitting the slopes.

The Library Offers More than Books

If you’re of the mindset that libraries are just filled with dusty shelves of books, think again. The Wilkinson Public Library offers an entire list of unusual things to borrow, ranging from photo scanners to snowshoes. Whether you want to play a game of Scrabble or strum some tunes on the guitar, you’ll find all that you need at this well-equipped library, where there’s much more to check out than books.

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