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Telluride Academy

Adults aren’t the only ones who like to explore the outdoors and enjoy some “high altitude adventures” like hiking and climbing. If the kids of the group are a little too young or inexperienced for a big trek through rugged mountain terrain, they can still enjoy the great Telluride outdoors. Youths ages 5-17 are able to join in the outdoor fun and education at Telluride Academy. Attendees will enjoy activities like kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking with llamas, horseback riding, and more.

Day Programs

There are day programs for kids as young as five, all the way up to 13 years old and older. Children ages 5-7 are Explorers and spend their time doing just that. They’ll explore the Telluride region with age-appropriate activities, hikes, rock climbs, and more. Your 6- to 8-year-old will love being a “Mini Mountaineer” and have expanded adventures like hiking to waterfalls, swimming alpine lakes, rock climbing, and more. Kids 13+ will love being a part of the Mountainfilm Festival through the Mountainfilm for Students program. It coincides with the Mountainfilm Festival June 1-5. They’ll be judges of actual films in the festival and help select the 2021 winner of the festival’s Student Choice Award.

Overnight Adventures

Kick your child’s Telluride Academy experience into high gear. Camp Telluride “Unos” is offered to campers ages 7-11. They’ll experience activities like rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), hiking, and overnight camping. If your 8- to 10-year-old loves to climb, they can “Rock Out!” and learn rock climbing techniques and tips in a safe environment with experienced climbers. Add a mountain biking element with the “Rock ‘n’ Ride” program that includes mountain biking, rappelling, and back-country camping or mix biking and water sports with “Surf Cycle” for the excitement of wake boarding and SUP in addition to biking. For 10- to 12-year-olds who just want to ride, “Rib Cage Riders” takes them to the next level, sharpens their skills, and takes them on world-renowned trails like Rib Cage Flow Trail. If your 9- to 11-year-old loves animals, or llamas in particular, send them off to Llama Land camp where they’ll feed and train the animals, go on hikes, and more.

Adventure Travel

Older campers, prepare for adventure! The “River ‘n’ Ruins” program includes four nights of camping and takes 11- to 13-year-olds into the Utah canyons to the ruins of the ancient Anasazi civilization. They’ll hike remote canyons in search of prehistoric pueblos, Native American pottery, petroglyphs, and more. They’ll paddle down the San Juan River to “The River House” and other unforgettable sites. If your 12- to 14-year-old loves SUP, “Canyon Flow” is the program for them. They’ll start with some basic instruction and practice on both flat and moving water before packing up and heading to the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River for three days of fun ending in a Rocky Mountain Luau before paddling to the take-out area the next morning.

The Great Outdoors of Telluride

While kids may not be ready for the longer treks and tougher climbs the Telluride area has to offer, that doesn’t mean they have to miss all the outdoor fun and adventure. As you plan your child’s epic Telluride Academy adventures, don’t forget to book a vacation rental with Vacation Telluride. For a small family, or family with older kids pursing overnight activities, choose a cozy Telluride condo. For larger groups or those with younger kids in day activities, there are units as large as five bedrooms! After a day of fun and adventure for all ages, meet back at your rentals for a home-cooked meal in the fully equipped kitchen, or stretch out and relax in a private bedroom or open living space.

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