The Telluride Bike Park’s grand opening in 2019 breathed new life into the summertime tourism industry here at Accommodations in Telluride. Yes, thousands of adventurers flock to this four-season haven to hike, bird, fly fish, and rock climb, but the addition of a world-class bike park sparked even greater interest in the gorgeous San Juan Mountains. While Telluride mountain biking has always been an enjoyable leisure activity for many, the one-year-old park allows riders to test their skills and obtain genuinely jaw-dropping vantage points. Because the Telluride Bike Park remains in its infancy, the team on the mountain is still perfecting each trail, while continuously adding new features.

The Top 10 Trails in (Or Near) the Telluride Bike Park

The newly-established Telluride Bike Park certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on mountain biking, as there are nearly a dozen off-site trails that meander along the town’s edge. A self-guided trek through Telluride and neighboring Mountain Village is sure to one of the highlights of your long-awaited escape into the San Juan Mountains. Riders will discover pulse-pounding downhill, heart-stopping switchbacks, challenging grinders, and some of the most awe-inspiring cross-country in the state. Simply put: The Telluride mountain biking scene is just getting its feet wet. We cannot wait to see what the next five-to-10 years bring us.

As stated earlier, there are dozens of potential routes to take, whether that’s on the mountain or in the foothills. We’ve compiled our 10 favorite rides (as seen below) that perfectly encapsulate the experience, starting with the mother of all trails: the Tommy Knocker!

Affordable Telluride Bike Rentals

Yes, most folks who specifically visit the area bring their own bikes. But it’s quite common for nature enthusiasts to combine mountain biking with a bevy of other activities, such as fly fishing, backcountry hiking, or ATVing. Thus, it’s vital to shine a light on three local companies that offer a variety of Telluride bike rentals. Telluride SportsBootdoctors, and Box Canyon Bicycles have you covered. It’s almost impossible to beat Telluride Sports because they have five locations in town. As all three outfitters are reputable, we recommend going with the option that’s closest to your luxurious Telluride accommodation.

Grand Telluride Condos and Homes

Photo of a Lavish Home near the Telluride Bike Park.Accommodations in Telluride, the only five-star lodging option in the region, is proud to present a diverse array of classic, undeniably sophisticated Telluride properties. From luxury rentals to Mountain Village homes and the Ski Ranches, you’ll no doubt find a vacation rental that suits your group’s size, style, and budget. Most rentals feature distinct San Juan decor, modern furnishings, eye-popping fireplaces, outdoor space, and full kitchens. Whether you’re in town to photograph waterfalls, pedal down the mountain, or snag brook trout, you’ll never forget your journey to Telluride, Colorado’s crown jewel. Please give us a call today at 970-728-4831 (or check availability online) to book a well-deserved getaway!